Comprehension Toolkit

Tomorrow is my first official day of summer!  So after sleeping in, my thoughts immediately turned to . . . The Comprehension Toolkit???  Probably because it's avoiding the reality of needing to pack my room, so I can move a few steps over to the third grade hallway.

We have a district wide back to school in service day every year.  This year, I'll be presenting on The Comprehension Toolkit.  They've asked me because they know what an amazing job I've done using the toolkit these past few years and have become quite the expert.  Um, yeah, right.  In reality, when your district's language arts coordinator e-mails you and asks you to present, you say yes.  I did get to pick my topic.  I don't mind picking something that I'm not an expert in because the great thing about our coordinator is that she doesn't care if you're an expert, just that you're enthusiastic about your topic.  Takes a lot of the pressure off!  Okay, well, a tiny bit of pressure.

I mentioned in my summer bucket list post that I had dipped my toes into The Comprehension Toolkit this year and fell in love.  I had heard enough about it not have a blank stare on my face when it came up in conversation and blogs.  Our school had one kit to be shared by eight 3rd and 4th grade language arts teachers.  We all know how well that works.  But then, gasp!  This spring my school bought one of these babies for everybody:

Yahoo!  I dived in right away and realized it was everything and more that I'd heard about it.  I even discovered a huge trick to make teaching with it tons easier on my kiddos and me.  I'll post about that next week.  This post is getting waaaay too wordy.

So here's my summer plan (how does it take an entire summer to prepare for one day's inservice???):
1.  Read the books again. And then probably again.
2.  Search teaching blog land for all the amazing resources out there.
3.  Pinterest!  I searched Comprehension Toolkit on Pinterest and the resources were pretty much none existent.  I think this the first time Pinterest has ever failed me.  So, I started my own board and will post all of the resources I find to it.  You can see it here:

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Comprehension Toolkit Board

The link will take you straight to my Comprehension Toolkit Board. You're welcome to follow all my boards, but I figured not everyone wants to see all the recipes and inappropriate e-cards that I pin.

I found one super duper amazing pin, though, and it led me to an even more amazing blog, so not a total fail!  You have to visit Belinda at I Love 2 Teach to read her blog and download every last resource she posts.  Look at this one:

See? I told you.

Anyone know of any great Comprehension Toolkit resources or have a tip for me?