Parts of Speech Review (with no tomatoes thrown at you)

Today was our last day with the kiddos!  I was sad to see my friends leave.  I'm so ready for summer, but then the next thing you know, they're walking out, and you're boohooing.  Tomorrow is a teacher work day for us (code name for endless mounds of paperwork.)  I know some of you are still in the classroom, so here's a post to help you stay sane.

Parts of Speech Week!
Yes, with a happy exclamation point.  Your kids will actually like this.  My students did initially look at me with something pretty close to an evil eye when I told them we were going to have a parts of speech review week.  
This is easier if you have access to a laptop cart, but if not, you could have kids rotate through the computers in your classroom.  Here are the elements:

1.  Brian Cleary books
I love, love, love this series!!!  Basic without being too basic, fun, and plentiful.  If there is a part of speech, this guy has a book for it if not two.  We started the day off by reading the book about that part of speech.  

He has a pretty cool website, too!  The World of Brian P. Cleary

2.  Grammaropolis
The content on this website is incredible.  Some of my students even went home and downloaded the songs off iTunes.  For real.  What's even better is that Grammaropolis is a pay site but gives teachers a free account.  There are songs, books, videos, and quizzes for each of eight parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections. We visited this website as a class on our whiteboard.  You could easily have them go to the website on their own, though.  It's very user friendly.

Click here to visit the noun part of town (free to everyone): Noun Town
Click here to request a free teacher account: Teacher Account

3.  Pendemonium
Pendemonium is a video series on Discovery Education Streaming (used to be United Streaming, I still have trouble not calling it that!)  This series is very much meant for older kiddos, 3rd and up, maybe savvy 2nd graders.  It's a fun series full of puns.  The main characters are a pencil, Blackberry, and a couple of pens.  They work to save the newspaper from their arch enemy, Dark Marker.  Lots of fun.  In addition to parts of speech, the team also works to save capitalization, spelling, and other writing skills.

    Penny and the gang                                        Teaching about adverbs

Oh,, how I love you so. is perfect for when you have a collection of websites that you want your kids to go to.  You know how well that works.  Anywho, at you "krunch" these together into one website that YOU name.
Here are a few of my parts of speech krunchd sites:

Let them loose on a site and get some paperwork done.

5.  Parts of Speech Packet
No rocket science here, just a collection of worksheet pages that support each day's part of speech.  I let them complete the pages with a partner because I feel that it's important to get them talking about what they've learned.  The talk that happens between the kids is more important than the worksheet will ever be.
Maybe one day I'll make my own fabulous, amazing packet and post it here.  For right now, I just used some pages pulled from various workbooks and Mailbox magazines.

In the future . . .
I've used this the last couple of years to keep a happy balance the last few weeks of school.  The last few weeks of school are all about survival.  It's a fun week (or two!) with academic value and happy kids.  However, there's some really good stuff in the books and websites.  Next year, I'm moving to third grade. I'm thinking about giving each month it's own part of speech to focus on.  We'll use the websites, videos, and books, but I want to add in some anchor stations and art projects, too.  I'll post more about it in September!