Monday Made It and an Inspirational Giveaway

I've been busy around here!  I love summer because it gives me time to work on all the projects I want to.  During the school year, I don't have time to do all the things it takes to finish a project, which include:

1.  Look on Pinterest for hours
2.  Go to Hobby Lobby/Michael's/JoAnns/WalMart/Target/Lowes/Office Max for supplies
3.  Start project
4.  Mess Up
5.  Go back to Hobby Lobby/Michael's/JoAnns/WalMart/Target/Lowes/Office Max for more supplies
6.  Fix it
7.  Finish Project
8.  Clean Up
9.  Force my husband and children to admire my hard work.

All that in one weekend?  Dream on.  Hence my love for summer.

And now for the projects!

For my classroom, I had this really original idea to use a hardware organizer to store all my desk supplies.  Oh wait, it's all over teaching blogland.  Guess you're not buying that line.

You can download the labels here.

I may or may not walk by this once a day and pet it lovingly.  The only thing is, these organizers only come in shiny country blue.  A few sessions with a can of spray paint fixed it right up!  Because I'm completely OCD, I wanted my labels to coordinate with my classroom theme, so I made them myself.  But I'll share with you!  I attached the labels with Elmer's spray adhesive.  Tread lightly with this stuff.  A little goes a long way.  Think gentle misting, not spray.

**Sidenote** I was about 98% done making these in Photoshop when our neighborhood's power went out.  Had I saved them? No.  So, I got to start all over again the next morning.  This pales in comparison to the fact that when it happened it was 9:20 at night and still 90 degrees outside, I was home alone, and convinced that a murder was in my house who had cut the power so he could kill me and be unseen.  Nice.

I made a birthday present for my BTFF (best teaching friend forever!)  She pinned this on Pinterest:
Source: via Diane on Pinterest

And now, my version:

I wrote about how much I was missing my sweet girl, here, when she left for camp and was forced to shop through my sadness.  Well, she came back Friday, and she needed a special welcome home banner.  I used a digital kit called Social Butterfly from Sweet Shoppe Designs.
And yes, she did deserve a banner.  What was one of the first things she did when she got home?  Walk by my teacher toolkit/labor of love and squeal.  

Last summer, I had time to begin sewing.  I can do anything that involves a straight line.  Other than that, I'm out of my league.  I'd read multiple tutorials on sewing curtains, and I finally did it!  Woohoo!

The fabric is a Premier Prints fabric.  You can find their fabric online for about $7.50 a yard.  Makes it a little less scary to buy a bunch of fabric for a project you're not even sure you can complete.

I made some pillows, too!  I use an "envelope style" pillow cover.  Which is code for I don't want to hand finish or buy new inserts every time I want to change pillows.

Now get on over to the Made it Monday Linky Party and find out what everyone else is busy with this summer!

Have fun!


  1. Wow! Lots done!!! Love your pillows and curtains...wish I could sew!!! Your teacher toolbox it so nice...I can't wait to use mine either:) Thanks for linking up:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Really cute! I love your toolbox... and your friend's birthday gift... and well, everything else! Great job!

    I Love My Classroom

  3. You've been busy! I'm rather impressed with those crafty skills of yours.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Wow! You've made lots of awesome things! I hear you about the power outtage and crazy ax murderer:) I've given you the Liebster Blog award! Please stop by my blog for your award and information!

  5. I died laughing three different times reading your post! Im sure people at starbucks think I am crazyyy haha but I can so relate to convincing yourself that there is a murderer in your house out of the blue! Love love love your pillow cases! I need to look into making them myself because I can never find pillows that go perfectly with my vision :)

  6. Love your blog and nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. I know someone else has already beat me to it, but wanted to let you know I love reading your posts!
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

    1. Thanks Katie!! It's nice to feel loved!

  7. Okay first off can I just say I totally feel you on the freakiness that night-time power outages produce! I always lock my doors 5-10 times, then RECHECK them, look under beds, make sure every window is locked, check the closet, the shower... hahaha. I TOTALLY get it! Great sewing project too! I wish I could at least sew a straight line.. you're already much more advanced that I!

    Reaching for the TOP!

  8. You constantly amaze me! My Buckeye's sign is awesome! I am so luck to have you as my BTFF!

    Diane (alias..everything I learned about blogging, I learned from Megan)
    Teaching with Moxie

    p.s. I did it! ^

  9. Love the labels you've made for the toolbox and you are so kind for sharing!! Where did you purchase your toolbox? Want to make sure the labels match up, thanks again!! :)

  10. You sure have been busy!! I love the pattern on your curtains, it's so fun, and great colors too! Thanks so much for the labels. The turquoise ones will match my room perfectly, I've already got visions in my head of all of the things I can label ;)

  11. I love everything you have made!
    The Idea Backpack

  12. Ok, don't tell everyone on Pinterest, but your tool box is the best one I've seen! I love the size of the tool box you used and your labels are perfect! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I will finally get around to making one now!

    EduKate and Inspire

  13. I love all your projects! The sign you made for your teaching buddy is fabulous! I am thinking I need to make a Packers one. I would be petting that teacher tool box also! Your steps of completing a project made me laugh...especially the last step. Needless to say, I am your latest follower. I am just loving your blog!

    I am giving away a $20 TPT gift certificate. Come visit and enter to win! :)

    Delighted in Second

  14. Love your blog! I'm a new follower and new to the blogging world. So glad I found you!

    Rock and Teach

  15. Where did you find your hardware organizer? I love how you've fixed yours up and agree with a previous post that it's the cutest I've seen but where do you buy the actual hardware organizers to fix up? I've looked online at Home Depot, Harbor Freight and Lowes and can't find one like yours. Thanks for the inspiration...

    1. I got it at Lowes. They may not carry them online. There were several different styles at the store. You can also find them on Amazon. Good luck!

  16. I have used a hardware organizer like this for years, but don't have mine labeled. Your labels are adorable!! I clicked to download them, but they are blank. How do I add text?

  17. Hi Mary! You can open them as an image in PowerPoint and add text there.


  18. I was wondering if your hardware organizer fits pens and pencils? I was wondering because every one i have found are not deep enough to fit them. Excited to hear back from you!

  19. can you tell me what font did you use for the labels? thank you