The Literacy Teacher's Playbook {K-2}

Do you really want to read a book about data?  Probably not, but this one takes a look at the REAL data students provide us in their every day work.  Here's a guidebook for examining student work to determine what your students need to make the biggest difference in their literacy progress.
Not sure how to find your way through your mounds of testing and data to the heart of what your K-2 students need most? The Literacy Teacher's Playbook will help you find your way.

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Total Jennifer Serravallo #fangirl here.  The Reading Strategies Book, Conferring with Readers, and The Writing Strategies Book are all amazing.  (Click on the links to read more about them.)  So, I was definitely up for reading The Literacy Teacher's Playbook (Grades K-2).

Aha Moment

I think I recognized myself in this quote.

"Sometimes, it's our tendency as teachers to focus heavily on the most salient observations, falsely assuming that because it's the most obvious, it's also the most important."

Yikes.  I see myself in that statement.  Sometimes we look to the thing that is the most obvious thing instead of working on the need that will make the biggest difference.  The process this book takes your through for looking deeply at student work will help you see beyond that.

I Wish

I wish it were easier.  Unfair, but true.  This approach would be best for your students that you were most concerned about or the ones you were struggling to challenge.  I would recommend starting with two or three students as guinea pigs to get the hang of things.


You're not giving more tests! Yay!  I love this quote:

"With this book, I hope to begin to shift your thinking about what data means and help you to see that much of what you can pull out of your students' messy seat pocket is actually data."

Good For . . . .

Anyone wanting to see through the masses of tests and data we collect.  This book provides an organized way to take a look at the mounds of work to get a clearer picture of what your students' needs are and what to focus on.

Wise Words

If you're feeling lost with where to start with your K-2 students or where you should focus to best meet their needs, The Literacy Teacher's Playbook will help you find the way.