Book Photos in a Snap

My reading teacher heart went into overdrive the minute I saw this picture on Instagram from Teaching 3rd with Mr. G.  (You can read more about his amazing classroom here.)  How incredibly powerful is for students to see the books their class has shared over the school year displayed this way?
I loved the idea of committing to reading students a picture book everyday and knew the minute I got back in the classroom I wanted to do this.


It's kind of a big commitment.  It is a very simple display, but finding or taking the pictures, uploading them, printing them, sizing them, laminating them so you can use them again . . . .  Next thing you know, it's been six weeks, and you haven't updated it.
Make your Classroom Book a Day reads visible without spending a ton of time. Here's a simple hack that will have you caught up in no time.

Then a lightbulb went off, and I realized an app I'd been using for documents called CamScanner was the answer.  (PS-if you are buying a house, this app will save your sanity.  Trust me.)

Here's my rigged up display.  I don't have a classroom right now because job hunting 3 weeks after school starts is no joke.  Crossing my fingers that I'll eventually have a real picture to update with.

In about 20 seconds, you can have a beautiful image ready to go.  It's super simple:
1.  Take the picture.
2.  Adjust the corners if necessary, and tap the checkmark.
3.  Tap the checkmark to accept the enhancements.  You can adjust the image, but it does a nice job on it's own.
4.  If you want to take more pictures, tap Add.  If not, tap more.
5.  Select To Album to save the images.
6.  It's now on your camera roll!
Make your Classroom Book a Day reads visible without spending a ton of time. Here's a simple hack that will have you caught up in no time.

After that, I used the Walgreens app.  I uploaded the pictures, and they were ready in less than an hour.  Walgreens often has a photo coupon, so I would hold out if there isn't a current one.  Because my pictures were 40% off, they ended up being less than a quarter each including tax.
**Heads up on ordering your pictures-the proportions of the book don't always fall in the 4x6 or 4x4 range.  The app will choose the best size for your image, but you may want to adjust how it's cropped in the app.  If you're super Type-A, you can edit them on your phone before uploading.

I think I'll just pass on doing much cropping of pictures though.  Sometimes I make things so complicated, I end up not doing them.  I think this is powerful for students, and I don't want to get in the way of it.  If one looks really bad, I'll crop it myself and reorder.  They're only about 20 cents each, so it's not too big of a deal.

I hope you'll embrace A Book a Day and make that experience visible by displaying all of those beautiful books!


  1. Thanks, Megan! I'm teaching art now, and running a TAB art studio, which means most of the artwork goes home-nothing to put up in the halls! This is a great solution for me, too!

  2. That's a great idea! This app has so many uses!!