February Favorites

Hey hey!  February is almost over, and frankly, I’m ready to say goodbye. We are getting our house ready to sell and have worked like dogs to get it there.  Bring on March and hopefully a sold sign!

February Favorites

Ummmm, the weather this month has been INCREDIBLE.  It’s not like we’re expecting frigid winters this far south in Texas, but it’s been in the 70’s for almost the entire month.  I have been able to steal a few minutes in the afternoons here and there to just sit by the pool and enjoy it.  As a friend said though, “We’ll pay for it in bugs this summer."
Tieks Poolside

I got to spend some time with a Texas sized group of Houston area bloggers and TPTers.  A nice man stopped to take this picture for us when we were leaving after he noticed our attempt to take a six person selfie was not going well.  Turns out, he is the pastor at a large Houston church.  He even asked if we wanted it square.  I have a feeling his church’s social media game is on point.
Houston blogger meetup

My sweet mom picked this hand towel set up for me from Homegoods.  Never thought we’d be dachshund people, but after adopting our sweet wire haired Murray, we’re in love!
Dachshund hand towel

Despite my husband’s cries of alarm over the amount of coffee cups I’ve purchased recently, I had to add this cup from Etsy seller Oh Hello, Sugar! to my collection.  So very true!!
creativity starts with coffee mug

And finally, here’s a sneak peek of what will make all the work this month worth it!  This is the beauty we’re hoping to make the move to.  Also, apologies in advance if you follow me on Instagram.  I have a feeling there will be house picture overload going on!
New house front porch

Hope you had an awesome February!!