January Favorites

This month's favorites post is heavily influenced by my late night iPhone holiday shopping.  This was bad news for my wallet.  When I was too lazy to even get up to grab my laptop, I could just lay on my couch and shop away.

{Sidenote: The type of things I start ordering gets weirder the later it gets.  Anybody else find this to be true?}
Because Murray is kind of a jerk, he ate the inside of one of my fuzzy slippers.  Here he is.  Doesn't he look angelic?  If you look closer, you can see he had the nerve to snuggle up on my couch with the decimated slipper.

Since I live in the frigid climate of Houston, I definitely needed a new pair.  I bought these Minnetonka slippers, and (I hate to say it) I think Murray did me a favorite.  These come up much higher than my old slippers and keep my feet warmer.

And yes, I realize posting about slippers makes me 87 years old.

My notebook from Plum Paper arrived! And she’s a beauty.  Their notebooks and planners are gorgeous.  You can add all sorts of sections to them.  I added to do, checklists, and blog.

Anybody else a Bridesmaids fan?  I was super disappointed no one got me a sassy coffee mug for Christmas, so I had to buy my own from Etsy.

This is an obvious favorite.  When you come across a t-shirt on Pinterest with your blog name on it, you obviously purchase it immediately.  It’s from Thug Life Shirts (can’t make this stuff up, y’all.)

I've saved the weirdest purchase for last.  This was a total late night random Amazon purchase, but I actually love it.  I really need to get on the exercise train, but I'm pretty amazing at coming up with excuses not to exercise.  (It's my other superpower.)  Mostly, I don't want to.  I wouldn't be completely horrified it I could do it while watching TV, but I don't want a giant machine in my house.  I've also learned from previous experience that a gym membership doesn't work well if you don't actually go.

So, I present to you the mini elliptical.

It's actually awesome.  The reviews were really good for it.  And the price was on point compared to a real treadmill or elliptical.  Some people even put it under their desks, so they weren't sitting so much during the day.  Not a problem many teachers have, but thought I would just point that out.

Hope you had an awesome January!