Blog Baby Blog Week 2: Back Up All the Things

Well, hello there! I'm back with Week 2 of Blog Baby Blog.  If you missed Week 1 on using a free watermarking app, you can catch up here.  Or not.  No pressure.
Last week's post was fun and happy.  There was watermarking and even a circus dog.  This week we're talking Doomsday.  I'm hoping you'll complete all three steps of this tutorial because that will pretty much ensure that you'll never need them.  Because that's how life works.

If you are thinking, I've backed up my template, I'm good.  Well good for you, but that's actually the easiest one to fix.

You can always get a new blog design.  You cannot get your posts or photos back.  Do I have your attention now?  Thank you.

Backing up your blog: ALL THREE PARTS {Template, Photos, Content}

**Before starting the backing up process, create a folder somewhere to keep all this doomsday material.  (And when you're done, copy that folder and save it somewhere else not on your computer.)**

Step 1: Back up your template. (This is your HTML coding.)

•Go to Template

•Click on Backup/Restore

•Click on Download Full Template

•Drag this file to your very special folder
That wasn't so bad, was it?

Step 2 and 3: You can save your photos and posts at the same time.

•From Google, go to my account.

•Click on “Control Your Content”

•Click on “Create Archive”

•Every Google program is selected, so click on “Select None” first.
•Click on the boxes for Blogger and Google Photos
**If you have multiple blogs, you can click on “All Blogs” to select the one you want to back up.  Same goes for Photos.  I created separate folders for different blogs, but it’s up to you.

•Scroll down and click on “Next”

•Click on “Create Archive”

•Download your file and save it in that special place.  **Depending on how large your files are, the download may be available right away, or they’ll email you when it’s finished.

I hope you never need this, but better safe than sorry!


  1. Hey Megan, Thank you for this awesome tutorial on how to backup my blog. I have pinned it to my "technology tips and tricks" on pinterest for future use.
    Deb at Fabulously First

  2. My computer and cloud officially have a new folder labeled "DOOMSDAY" :) Cheers to useful tutorials that are wonderfully written. Thanks a bunch!

    Simply Secondary

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  4. Can you believe I never even thought to do this before reading your post! Thanks so much for scaring some sense into me (in the best possible way, of course)! ;)

    One Lucky Teacher

  5. I never thought of doing this either!! I assumed since blogger is on the web, it is backed up!! Yikes!! Thank you, thank you for always making topics understandable & exactly what I need!! You're awesome, Megan!! XOXO

  6. Done, done, done. Thank you! Now if Doomsday comes, you'll help teach us all how to restore, right? ;) What would I do without all of your tips. Thanks!

  7. Did this in less than 3 minutes! Thank you so much - I hadn't even heard or thought of half of these things. Easy peasy and hopefully will never be used! Thanks again, Jen

  8. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much!! I have never heard of this but I am so glad you shared this!!
    It’s Kinder Time

  9. On my to-do list for Monday! Thanks for making us better bloggers, Megan!


  10. Megan,
    Thanks so much for sharing this! I had no idea. I love the visual pictures for the steps! It made it so much easier for me to follow. Can't wait to read the next post in the series!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  11. You are SO HELPFUL!! And smart! I have a question, though. When I try to back up my (your) blog design, it takes me to an Internet Explorer link. ??

  12. Yikes, I never thought about backing up the blog! Thanks so much for this tutorial. Your steps and pictures made this process simple and easy to follow. Thank you very much!

    Third Grade Whimsy

  13. Thank you Megan! So helpful and so EASY to follow!
    Heidi Neels
    Flipping for First

  14. Thank you so much!! I have my template backed up, but never knew to back up my blog and pictures!! How often should this be done?

    A Tall Drink of Water

  15. Yikes - I wish I had seen this last year...I lost everything on my blog and now am starting over again...slowly! I have bookmarked this page and will also Pin it! Thanks for sharing your techie knowledge!
    ღ Diane

    1. That’s awful!!! If you Google “Way Back Machine” you might be able to see some of your old content and possibly copy/paste it into posts.