Silhouette Tutorial

Happy Saturday all!  I shared a picture of some letters I cut out on my Silhouette on Instagram recently and got several questions on how I made these with my Silhouette.  I love these letters with the white border so much that I'll probably do this even when I'm now using a sketchy style font.  It really makes them pop on my bulletin board.

Here's a quick tutorial on how I did this.

I needed these letters because I became completely obsessed with this bulletin board from The Tattooed Teacher and knew it had to be mine.
Rachel shared this on her Facebook page, and I feel in love with it.   Which means I had to shamelessly copy it.  Fans of RHONJ will understand.
Here's my version.  I love how it turned out!


  1. Super cute! What font did you use? I really need to get a silhouette!

  2. i LOVE you!! lol. I am excited to do this! I think I might need to do it for a crafting idea for my girls' names!

  3. I haven't played around enough with my Silhouette, but you can print directly to it and then cut? Can you do that with shapes as well as fonts?

  4. Hi Megan, I am getting my silhouette tomorrow and I am so excited! I really want to try to make letters like this. I am wondering if you printed these on regular scrapbook paper, card stock, or vinyl? Can you print and then cut on vinyl?

  5. Mine is in order! Do you print to your printer and then run to through your machine?