October Favorites

October’s almost over!  Here are some of my favorites from this month.

How cute is the button?  It’s from a kit by Valerie Wibbens.

1.  Can’t make these often enough.  So so so yummy.  Stick them the batter in a mini muffin pan and you’ve got deliciousness in under 20 minutes.
2.  I'm reloving Loft.  I went in the other day because they were having a 50% off sale.  I noticed they had a basket of Loft Loves Teachers cards.  Their teacher discount of 15% always aggravated me because it was off full price items.  No thanks, people, I'll just wait for a sale.  But this time, they gave me the discount on top of the sale.  And it was awesome.  One of my favorite items was this floaty blouse.  I wore it with a gray cardigan, black pants, and my copper snakeskin Tieks.   Sassy!
That's a real life picture of me.
Okay.  That's not true.

3.  Loving these sweet girls.  This snuggle time never happens because the one on the right is a cranky old lady.  Bless her heart.

4.  Encouraging Wednesdays
Wow.  Wow wow wow wow wow.  Encouraging Wednesdays is a series brought to you by Jenny from French Press Morning.  Her work is so beautiful.  I want to crawl in her brain and have those ideas in my head, too.  That's not creepy, right?

Look how gorgeous:

She offers 4x6s as free downloads on her blog.  Want something bigger? Visit her store.  I haven't bought anything yet because choosing not the entire store is proving to be a little difficult.