And Then One Day I Taught Kindergarten . . .

I can’t even believe I’m writing this, but today I’m sharing some kindergarten resources I used recently.

For real.

I’m subbing this year and was asked to be a tutor at my school.  I said no because I didn’t want to commit to 4 days a week.  That kind of defeats the purpose of quitting your job to be more supportive of your family.  They hadn’t found someone yet, so I agreed to do it for two weeks.

That was on a Friday afternoon.  I started on Monday.  No biggie, I’ve taught 2nd/3rd/4th before.  Cruised through my attic and found enough stuff to make it for two weeks.

Favorite reading apps for kindergarten
Around 7:45 on Monday morning, I learned that one of my groups had been switched for a Kindergarten group.  I had zero point zero minutes to make an alphabet chart and site word cards, so I turned to my best friend-my iPad.  There are some seriously great beginning reader apps out there.  The upper elementary teacher in me is very jealous.

I’m sharing these resources in the same way that I share everything.  It’s just a hey, here’s what I found, not a statement of expertise.  I am the last person in the world that will claim to know anything about kindergarten.  I’m still surprised every time I type the word that there isn’t a d in it.  Anyway, here are some of the apps I found:

ABC Magic

Site Words


Sound Beginnings

I’ve also pulled some Joy Cowley books.  As wonderful as apps are, readers need to read books.  However, I’m loving these apps because they’re good and the kids are so engaged while we’re using them.  Also, there is one little boy who doesn’t make a peep outside of reading the book or saying a letter/sight word, but that sweet little face lights up when the Lakeshore app chimes and tells him “Great job!”