Ready to Get Crafty-Monday Made It

It's summer, so the Monday Made Its are flowing.  Love having the time to start and FINISH projects.  You know what I mean.

First up-my home Made It
A couple of summers ago, I bought a little sewing machine.  I wanted to learn to sew.  I have become a very accomplished straight line sewer.  I can whip up anything that requires a straight line and a straight line only.  Pillows, curtains, shams, bed skirts, and the cutest playhouse for my girls (fits over our dining room table-best project ever).  If it has straight lines, I'm your girl.

So I bought a sewing machine, and being the OCD gal I am, I organized space for all of my supplies.

Then I sewed more.

And bought more fabric.

And more supplies.

And got a new machine.

Lately, I found that I don't want to sew anything because my stuff had grown waaaay past a few baskets.  I couldn't even find a measuring tape or scissors without a blood pressure raising dig through multiple baskets.  So, I pretty much quit sewing.

After my husband moved his office area to an upstairs closet (you can see that here), I had his old space to myself.
It used to look like this:

After a trip to Ikea and Michael's for the supplies, I now have a perfect space.  That hanging bar from Ikea may not have been complete necessary, but I love it so much.  I big time {heart} those craft cubes from Michael's, too.

Here's another view-just because.
I have a few projects planned to cutesy up the area, but for now I'm so glad I have this space with "room to grow".  Several of those drawers and baskets are empty, and I have storage under the table.  Which is good because I may have ordered this:
It's an embroidery machine.  And I love it.  And I'm scared to take it out of the box.  Hopefully, I'll have a few Monday Made Its with this little beauty.  Once it's out of the box.

I love having a whole little room.  It's mine, mine, all mine.  Here's a shot of the other wall after I gave it a ruthless organizational makeover in January.  Can you tell this room is my little slice of happy?  

I got crafty on the computer, too.  I've had a TPT drought.  I just haven't wanted to make anything for awhile.  Finally got a little inspiration and got to work big time.  Let's just say it was a very late night.

I kept rolling this past weekend and started a new brights pack.  I'm working on the frames and clipart now.  I'm seriously in love with this color combo.  I've been want to make over A Bird in Hand Designs, my blog design site, and I think I have my color inspiration.

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