Currently July

Hey hey!  It's almost July.  Besides the death of Google Reader, this also means it's time for Oh' Boy 4th Grades Currently Linky.

Okay major surviving summer with kids tip.  Maybe you can get some blogging/creating down while your kids are busy.  Right??  Last summer I read this post on Beneath My Heart (one of my most loved home blogs).  It rocked my world.
We only do it for an hour, and not everyday, but jeez Louise, I need some structure.  Otherwise, it's the first day of school, and you realize you never made your kid practice her math facts because there was always time later to do it.

p.s. Recognize her desk?

Totally copycatted it in my own office:
That's my husband's former desk.  It's now been cleared off for my own craft sewing area.  Woohoo!

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