Organizational Love

An organization linky.  Sigh.

What more do I need to make my OCD heart go pitter patter?  I'm not sure I'll rock anybody's world with these, but here are a few of my organizational life rules.

Rule #1 Plan for paper
Paper is a teacher's worst enemy.  Plan for how you're going to stay on top of it, or it will swallow you alive.

Where will kids turn their work in?

Where will you organize the copies you've made?

Where will you store assessments, benchmarks, and the 8,692 other pieces of paper you're required to hold onto?

Rule #2 Make it blend in
I love bright colors as much as the next gal, but there's a lot to be said for monochrome.  It makes things just blend right in.

Rule #3 Have a place to hide
Everything behind these curtains is neatly organized, but it's still not pretty to look at.  These curtains make it all go away.

Rule #4 Keep those odds and ends under control
If you were reading teacher blogs last summer, you would have seen this a million times.  And you know why?  This was awesome.  I wrote a whole post about it here.

So that's it for my organizational tidbits, but you can get plenty more! Go visit Kristin and Elizabeth to see all the great ideas out there in blogland!