End of the Year Gifts

Eight more days!  The end of the year is so close I can smell it.  Well, that smell may actually be the kids after they've played at recess.  It's already hitting 90 here.  There will be no more shoes off afternoons.  I can promise you that.

I've got my girls' teacher gifts ready for the end of the year.  Their classes collected for gift cards.  We always put in money for that, but they like to bring something too.

I made the tags with my Silhouette and ordered the koozies from my Etsy shop.  You can download a jpeg of the tag here.  Open it up, add a signature, and you're good to go!

Stuck for ideas?  Here are some easy peasy end of the year gift ideas:

All pictures are linked to their original sources, so hop on over and steal borrow some good ideas!

Find me 10 teachers, and I promise 9 of them love coffee.
All 10 will love cookies.

We haul a lot of junk around (it doesn't always make it from the car to the house, but we try, right?)  Might as well look cute while you do it.

Cute school supplies.  Drool.

You can find tons of cute self-inking stamps online.  Lots of options on Etsy!
I am obsessed with May Books.  Organization + Cuteness = Teacher Nirvana

Fun cups and lemonade.  Sweet and practical.

Hope you have a happy end of the school year!  What are your favorite gifts?