A Tiny Tip for the Forgetful Teacher

So, some posts are here are big deal, mega writing/reading lessons, high quality stuff.  This is not one of those posts.  BUT, not everything in a teacher's day is about high quality stuff.  Some of it is just juggling all those balls.

Most days, my kids have something I need to remember.  To clear a locked AR account, find a book I'd told one he would love, e-mail a teacher about to schedule a reader visit, the little things that 42 kids mention during the day.  All things that usually take 60 seconds or less, but not things I want to stop teaching to take care of.

And I forget pretty much all of them.

So now, I don't try to remember anymore.  My kids know the drill when I say, "Leave me a note."  Here's what my desk looked like today.

Glamorous?  No.  It actually bugs me.  Which is perfect because then I don't ignore those little notes.  I take care of business, so I can get those notes off my desk.

It's the little things, right?