Made it Monday

Today was a work day at school and I loved it!  Since the kids aren't back, I was technically still on vacation, right?  So one more totally off topic post, then I'll return to actually teaching stuff.

This is my first Made It Monday in a looooooong time.  A very long time.  Um, since August.  What can I say?  It's been a very busy school year.  I  made up for lost time over Christmas break, and it was heaven!  Thanks to Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for hosting this!

I went on a crazy organizational kick in my office.  One small room, one very disorganized space.  I'll let the pictures do the talking:

There was some good, some bad going on in our office.  So, I hit up my own personal paradise: The Container Store.  Here's a little eye candy for you:

Now there's a whole lot of new goodness in this room!

Yes.  I am now obsessed with the Pixlr Collage tool.  If you missed it, the tutorial is here.

And because I'm incredible nosy, I throw a bone to the rest of you Nosy Nellies.  My husband occupies the other side of this room.  His obsession with organization is not on the same continent as mine.  The only reason he has any storage is because I forced it upon him.  Imagine that.  And yes, my husband is forced to use a desk with a skirt.  That skirt hides a multitude of sins.  We built that table and she doesn't look so pretty under there.  Plus there's more of those Michaels craft cubes under there.  Only don't tell my husband they're craft cubes.

I solved a much need organizational issue for my brain, too.  I have lesson plans for school, a big family calendar at home, but my blog life was starting to get out of control.  Between my blog, designing blogs, and my digital paper stuff, it was too much to keep up with.  So, I solved my problem by making this little beauty:

11x17 inches of organizational gorgeousness.  I had it printed at Office Max, and it sits under my keyboard.  Organization + Pretty = Bliss.

You can go find out what everybody else was doing here: