Keeping Up With Franklin

We've had much fun with Franklin at school and Teddy at home.  Here are a few last minute elf ideas if you're not feeling so creative right before the break.

(And to all my bloggy friends who are already out, I hate you.  I will love you again on Friday at noon.)

This is my favorite part of having Franklin with us:
Franklin takes these notes to Santa each night.  The kids put up post-its when they notice a friend doing something kind or good.  Some of my favorites:
J let me use the big scissors even though he wanted them.
C shared his crayons with me.
E was reading quietly even when everyone else was loud.

And three were put up in one day about a student I have that has some extra challenges.  This student was having a great day, and my student's classmates really wanted to encourage him.  {Heart melting}  It's been a blessing in the middle of all this holiday craziness to see these sweet notes.  You can download the editable version here.

More Franklin fun:

Cannot believe I forgot to get a picture our toilet papered tree.  After toilet papering the tree, he managed to wrap himself to the base of the tree, and the sock monkey was trying to free him.

A couple from Teddy, the elf residing in our home.
**You can't really tell, but he has chocolate smeared on his face.  
That messy elf!**

Really hoping that Teddy will surprise us with this at my house tonight:
                                                                Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Need more ideas?