Blog Baby Blog: Week 3 Return to Top, Please

Hey hey! I'm back for week 3 of Blog Baby Blog.  Want to read learn more?  You can catch up by reading these posts:

This week's tutorial is on one of the most fun features of a blog: the return to top button.  I swear the first time I put this on my blog, I played with it for 3 minutes straight.

Go ahead and click on mine.  I’ll wait.

Want your own?  It’s a four step process: Get your colors, create, resize, install.

Get your colors

You want this to match, right?  Grab a screen shot or download your header image and open it in HTML Color Codes.  When you click on a part of the graphic, it will give you the six-digit code for your color.  You might want to have this screen open when you work on the next part, so you can grab your colors as you work.

Create Your Image

I used PowerPoint for this tutorial because I know a lot of my TPT friends use it.

1.  Set your page size to 1 inch by 1 inch.

2.  Create your image.  I used KG Why You Gotta Be So Mean, KG Eyes Wide Open, and KG Arrows to create this.  The matching colors are a pain to do but worth it. (The blue lines are just PowerPoint guides.)

Good to know:
**PowerPoint hates you, so it won’t let you copy and paste these codes in.  You’ll have to actually type them.
**When you put the code in, hit enter.  If you click on Okay, nothing happens.  Nice, right?

3.  Save your graphic.  Use your mouse to select all the pieces of your graphic, right click on one of the lines that pops up, and save as picture.  DO NOT USE FILE-->SAVE AS PICTURE TO DO THIS.  It will save your white background as part of the image, and then you’ll leave me nasty comments saying the tutorial doesn’t work.

Resize Your Image

Hop on over to PicResize (or some other site you like.)
1.  Upload your image:

2.  There was unused space around your image.  Drag your mouse to create a box around the image and select “Crop".

3.  In “Resize Your Picture”, select custom.  Change the width to 120 pixels and click outside of the number box.  It will automatically resize the height to the correct proportion.

4.  Click on "I’m Done", and then “Save to Disk" to download it to your computer.

Create Your Code

The good news? No need to go to the dark side of your blog-the HTML code.

1.  Copy the following code and paste it into a word document or whatever you use.

<a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:5px;right:5px;" href="#" title="Back to Top"><img src="INSERTURLHERE" /></a>

2.  Host your image somewhere.  Honestly, your blog is the easiest place for the this.

•Open a new post and upload your picture.

•Click on HTML in the top left corner of your post area

•Copy the address of your image (it will look like http://EightMillionLettersandNumbersinaRow/WhateverYouNamedIt.png)

•Paste it into your document in the part that says INSERT URL HERE.

3.  Copy your new personalized code.

4.  On your blog, click on Layout-->Add a gadget-->HTML-->Paste your code-->Save.

5.  Drag your new gadget to the bottom of your layout.  This is not actually necessary, but I'm Type A, and it will make me feel better if you do.

That's it! A little HTML code, but you didn't have to go to the dark side, so this is doable for pretty much everybody.

If you make one, share a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag me.  I'd love to see what you create!

Image Map

P.S. Feeling overwhelmed? Hop over to this post from The Teacher Wife at Teacher Blogging Basics. She has some ready made for you. Just copy, paste, and save!

New Sets and a Freebie!

I’ve been on a little bit of a creating streak lately after being in a little slump.  I’ve wrapped up four new sets.  I’ll probably hold off on making any new sets for awhile and instead work on updating some older items.

Two new mini sets, Ava and Sandy:

I added in this cute burlap set to match my cardboard set.

And another new jumbo set, Livy.

And because I had so much fun playing with the colors in my Livy set, I kept on creating with this freebie set for you:

Image Map

Blog Baby Blog Week 2: Back Up All the Things

Well, hello there! I'm back with Week 2 of Blog Baby Blog.  If you missed Week 1 on using a free watermarking app, you can catch up here.  Or not.  No pressure.
Last week's post was fun and happy.  There was watermarking and even a circus dog.  This week we're talking Doomsday.  I'm hoping you'll complete all three steps of this tutorial because that will pretty much ensure that you'll never need them.  Because that's how life works.

If you are thinking, I've backed up my template, I'm good.  Well good for you, but that's actually the easiest one to fix.

You can always get a new blog design.  You cannot get your posts or photos back.  Do I have your attention now?  Thank you.

Backing up your blog: ALL THREE PARTS {Template, Photos, Content}

**Before starting the backing up process, create a folder somewhere to keep all this doomsday material.  (And when you're done, copy that folder and save it somewhere else not on your computer.)**

Step 1: Back up your template. (This is your HTML coding.)

•Go to Template

•Click on Backup/Restore

•Click on Download Full Template

•Drag this file to your very special folder
That wasn't so bad, was it?

Step 2 and 3: You can save your photos and posts at the same time.

•From Google, go to my account.

•Click on “Control Your Content”

•Click on “Create Archive”

•Every Google program is selected, so click on “Select None” first.
•Click on the boxes for Blogger and Google Photos
**If you have multiple blogs, you can click on “All Blogs” to select the one you want to back up.  Same goes for Photos.  I created separate folders for different blogs, but it’s up to you.

•Scroll down and click on “Next”

•Click on “Create Archive”

•Download your file and save it in that special place.  **Depending on how large your files are, the download may be available right away, or they’ll email you when it’s finished.

I hope you never need this, but better safe than sorry!

Image Map

It’s Back! Blog Baby Blog

I had so much fun last year with the series, and I'm super excited to start it up again this year!

If you missed out on all the fun last year (and by fun, I mean techy stuff on blogging), you can catch up on all the posts here.

We’ll start Week 1 off with watermarking.  Not sure what a watermark is?  Here you go:

I became more aware of the need for watermarking when one of my blog images showed up on Pinterest.  Except it linked to a hairstyle blog.

So, this is a real Internet thing.  Take an image that a large group of people would want to repin to check out later, except the link has been changed to your own site.  This is a sneaky way to get blog traffic.

I did have a watermark, but . . . .  It’s on my computer, so I have to get the pictures from my phone, to the computer, open them, add the watermark, resave them, and all that rarely happens.  BUT my friend Molly from Lucky to Be in First told me about a great app call EZY Watermark.  It’s super easy to use and free.

1.  Open the app.  I selected “Library" because that’s where my picture was stored.

2.  Find your picture.

3.  Find your watermark in your library.  **I just airdropped the watermark from my computer to my phone.  You could email it to yourself, text it, whatever you need to do to save it to your phone.  The nice thing is that once you use it in the app, you can just select it from recent.**

4.  Move your watermark to where you want it to be.

5.  Tap the checkmark in the bottom corner.

6.  Tap the checkmark in the top corner to save it to your library or one of the social media links shown.  If you tap "Open with" first and then the checkmark in the top corner, you can open it in Instagram or airdrop it to your computer.

That’s it! Are there any tutorials you’d like to see this summer?

Happy watermarking,

Image Map

Hey Moms {and Dads}-Want an Hour of Peace Everyday?

Ahhh.  Summer.  Time to sleep later, relax, have a little free time.

If you have kids, it takes about 2 days to wonder what in the heck you’re supposed to do with these people ALL. DAY. LONG.

A few years ago, I read this post on a home blog I follow.  She wrote about how she has two kid free hours a day.  Since she has 4 boys, I was sure if she could manage this, I could do it with my two girls.

An hour is good enough at this house, and this Daily 5 loving teacher knew exactly how I wanted to structure this time-4 fifteen minute open ended activities that they could complete independently.

This is our third summer doing this, and it has looked a little different each summer.  The girls and I each come up with ideas, and both lists are the same.  Here are some of the ideas we’ve had over the past few years:

•Math websites (better than math workbooks because I don’t want to check anything.  Just keeping it real.)

•Typing websites


•Spanish websites

•Animal research (sometimes they take notes, make posters, Glogsters, whatever)


•YouTube videos (how to draw, tutorials, etc.)

•Researching recipes on Pinterest (yahoo to kids old enough to cook a simple dinner!)

•Journal writing

This also gives my girls a break from each other.  They have to complete everything independently.  While they do get along really well, some days they’re just tired of each other.

So what would you do with a free hour everyday?

Image Map

The 3 Minute Reading Assessment

I had coffee with a sweet teacher friend this weekend who switched to language arts after years in math.  We were discussing how to keep your finger on kiddos in the upper grades when are doing more whole class lessons, literature circles, and silent reading than guided reading groups.

There seems to be growing pressure in education for only assessing kids when you can assign a number value to them.



There is nothing wrong with data.  We need to know where kids are, see how they are growing and changing.  DRA, fluency passages, phonetic checklists.  Love them all.  But not every moment needs to be number crunching, data-able.  This trend of turning kids into scores has gotten scary.
You can learn so much about a kid and what they need by just sitting back and listening to them read for one minute a book they’ve chosen independently.

When I felt most confident with knowing where kids were as readers is when I used their independent reading time to check in.  I tried to check in with 5 kids a day and during the week I was able to get to everyone.  I jotted down quick notes about that interaction.  This was great to have during conference time.  I could whip out my binder and talk about what I was seeing with the reader.  With 44 kids, things start to blur.  But by keeping notes, I was able to see what was going on over time.

Let’s take a trip back to 2010 when lime green and brown was my jam.  I found these golden oldies in a PowerPoint from an inservice I gave.

Keep a binder handy to record notes.  This was right behind my small group table.  Put a class list on the front, so you can keep track of who you met with.

Keep your note taking quick and easy.

This is fast and casual, people.  Bring me what you’re reading.  Just read to me from where you are.

Then stop and LISTEN.  Teachers are often so busy being in charge, it’s hard to sit back and lister to where a reader is at the moment.

While you’re listening, a whole new world of teachable moments opens up to you.  You also get great information about what a kid needs during guided reading groups.  Seeing trends across the class?  This can guide whole class lessons.

Here are a few things I listen for:
1.  Did the student pick a good fit book?
So many of our struggling readers choose books that are not appropriate.  You guide them in the classroom, but then they bring in a 400 page book from home or the school library that is five levels harder than they could possibly read.  Or they’re still reading The Cat in the Hat for the 800th time this month.

This is huge.  Your kiddos are not going to make any gains as readers if they are reading books that they can’t read and comprehend.  Work with them and work with them and work with them until they can get this.
2.  Correcting misread words
Take a close look at this.  What are kids doing when they misread words?  Going back and correcting them or just sailing on even though what they just read made absolutely NO sense.
Take a look at those errors.  Do the errors make sense but don’t match?  Or do the errors seem close phonetically but don’t make sense in the story?
3.  Fluency
Choppy? Smooth? Beautiful expression? Robot reading?

Tell them what they did well.  "I like how you backed up and reread when you noticed it didn’t sound right.”

DO NOT TALK ABOUT ALL OF THESE THINGS.  Just pick the one you think is most pressing.  It’s not worth talking about fluency when your student can’t choose good fit books.  Plus you only have about one minute for this part.  Make it good, make it fast.

If you have time, talk about predictions, connections, series, why your student chose that book.  Basically, whatever works that day with that text.

Major bonus?  Kids loooovvvveeee this one on one time with you.  Absent kiddo?  He will hunt you down and remind you that they yesterday was your day to read with him.

So how are you keeping track of your kids reading?

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May Favorites

Hi May.  Bye May.  Anybody else think this month just flew by?

Here are a few things from the past month that I am just loving.
I had a birthday this month, and it was time to admit that I needed to beef up the super sheer foundation I’ve been wearing.  The skin of my 20’s is long gone and 4-0 is starting to loom ahead in the horizon.   My biggest problem was that I didn’t want to feel like I was wearing twelve pounds of make up.  That’s why I’m completely in {LOVE} with this from Clinique.
Did I say 40 was in on the horizon?  Not when I’m wearing this foundation.

My unicorn tank top.  No, there’s not actually a unicorn on it.  It is my mythical, impossible to find tank top.  I wanted one that was not suctioned to my body but still had shape, covered my bra straps, and came in a bunch of different colors so I could have my summer wardrobe completed.  (Since it is 475 degrees in Texas in the summer, tank tops are essential to life.)

I had complete given up until I found this one from Loft.  Perfection and it was 40%.  I bought three, and I’ll be headed back for more.

I quit drinking soft drinks in January when I did the Whole30.  I have tried and tried and tried to like La Croix but couldn’t get past the weird after taste.  I finally found a flavor that I can enjoy when I just want something cold and fizzy.  I have only seen it at Target, and I’m pretty sure it’s a limited time flavor.  Of course.  I wish it came in a normal sized can because I love a monogrammed koozie.

Y’all.  I have been binge watching this like nobody’s business.  How have I never watched this show before?
I don’t think my husband appreciates my newest obsession because it leads to a lot of texts like these:

I shared some happy news on this post and how I have struggled with change in the past.  I had fun making the graphic for it and loved how it turned out.  A couple of people asked if it was available as a printable, so here you go!
Also, it turns out alright is not even a word.  Well, that was embarrassing.

As great of a month as May was, I’m excited for June!  School will be out, we’re going to the beach, and it gets me that much closer to the TPT Conference in Las Vegas in July!

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