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Blog Baby Blog Week 4: 5 Minutes or Less Tips for a Better Blog

Hey there! Welcome back for week 4 of Blog Baby Blog.  Today we’re tackling some quick fixes.  Here are five things you can do to improve your blog that each take five minutes or less.  Totally doable.  Bonus points if you do all five.
Quick Tips to improve your blog.  Each tip takes 5 minutes or less.

Let’s get started!

Set up Google Analytics

Think you don’t need Google Analytics?  What if I told you your Blogger stats were completely unreliable?  They’re basically made of pixie dust.

This is so stinking easy to do.

•Go to Google Analytics.

•Set up your account.

•Click “Get Tracking ID”

•There will be a mess of code on here.  All you want to do is copy the little piece under Tracking ID.  It will look something like this: MI-54892249-1 (I made up this piece of code, your code will be similar though.)

•Go to your Blogger dashboard and select Settings-->Other-->Google Analytics.  Paste your code in and save!

Clean Up Your Labels

Do you labels list look like a list?  Or a 10,000 word essay?  Having lots of labels helps with related posts gadgets, but it seriously junks up your sidebar.  Plus, your readers are not going to dig through all that.

This one is super fast to clean up.  Go to Layout and find your Labels gadget on the sidebar.  Switch from “All Labels” to “Selected Labels”.  Try to get your list to 15 or less.  Save and you’re done!

Clean Up Your Sidebar

While you’re cleaning up the labels on your sidebar, how about cleaning up the whole thing?  Sometimes the sidebar of a blog is longer than the post section.  What are your readers genuinely going to be interested in?  This is prime real estate.  Make sure important items don’t get lost because you have too many items.  (I’m looking at you, blog award from three years ago.)
While you’re looking at your blog, just click on the little wheel beneath the gadget.  You can delete almost all the extra widgets and images from there.

Add a Pin It Button (yours is probably broken)

So, everyone’s custom pin it button disappeared.  The place where the script was stored no longer exists.
You have two options, fix your old one or go with the official Pinterest button.  Sadly, I have to recommend the official Pinterest button even though it hurts my soul.  You can read more about that on my Rich Pins series here, here, and here.

Even if you’re not ready to conquer rich pins, you still need a pin it button.  From your Blogger dashboard, go to Template-->Edit HTML

•Click somewhere inside your HTML code box.  Click CMD F (I think it’s CTRL F on a PC) to search.  Search for </body>

•Directly above </body>, paste this code in:

<script async='true' data-pin-hover='true' data-pin-round='true' data-pin-tall='true' defer='true' src='//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js'/>
<script type='text/javascript'>


Fix Your Broken Instagram Widget

So many broken gadgets!  Go peek at you Instagram gadget.  Are those pictures pretty old?  Instagram changed its TOU for gadgets.  Before, you could basically put anybody’s account on your blog without proof you were that person.  If you haven’t proven your account is your account, it’s easy to do.

•Go to Light Widget.

•Log into your IG account.

•Set up your grid size.  2x2 is good for a sidebar and 1 or 2 columns with 6-8 in a row is good for a post footer.  I put two pixels between each image to give them a little space.

•Select “Get Code” and copy the code.

•Go to you layout and find your Instagram gadget.  Get rid of the old code and paste the new code in. Save it, and you’re good!  (Don’t have a gadget yet?  Just add an HTML gadget and paste that code in.)

Any other quick tips you think I should add?

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Get Your To Do List Under Control

I am a master list maker.  I make lists to go along with my lists.  I even add things to my to do list just so I can cross it off.  Raise your hand if you do this, too.  I know I’m not the only one out there.  #feelsgood

My quickly jotted down notes work for small tasks and odds and ends.  But despite my very best list making efforts and a Type-A personality, my lists for bigger and business-y tasks kept failing me.

My secret to getting my to do list under control and my work back on track.

I was forgetting one step-a reality check.

I found adding one additional column to my to do list made all the difference in the world-a when column.  For my blog/design business I write down what day I’m going to complete the task and also plan out what times I’ll have to work that day.  That last part is super important.

Nearly every week when I write this list out, I’m juggling and rearranging because I’ll have six things to do on a day where I only have an hour or two to work.  Not going to happen.

Here’s the other important part to keeping it real-I don’t go to bed until that section for the day is finished.  Sounds harsh, but that’s important for two reasons:

•It keeps me realistic when I’m planning out the week.

•It keeps me from taking 462 social media breaks.

When you overcommit yourself, you just end up beating yourself up when you don’t get everything accomplished even though it wasn’t possible in the first place.  Also?  There are times when I’ve realized I had plenty of time to get things done but didn’t because I was just going to check Instagram “real quick” or check on something on Facebook.  If you have a blog or business that you want to grow, you have to make time and space to do that, or it will just keep getting pushed aside.

I stopped doing this when school go out.  Summer had arrived, and I clearly had all the time in the world to get things done.  Right?  Wrong.  I’m back with my scheduled to do list, and I’m getting more done in less time.

You can download my to do list here or by clicking on the image.
My secret to getting my to do list under control and my work back on track.

Any tips for me on how you stay on top of your to do list?

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Blog Baby Blog Week 3: Why Wordpress is Like a Treadmill

To Wordpress or Not to Wordpress?  That is a big question, and one I get frequently.  Not sure what's best for you?  Here are some things to think about.

If you're thinking about making the switch, it's because you've heard some of the positives about the WP platform.
•Better SEO capabilities
•More flexibility with themes and plugins
•More control over your content
•The ability to sell directly from your site

With all of these advantages, why shouldn't everyone jump ship and head to Wordpress?
Wordpress or Blogger? How to know when to make the switch.

Because Wordpress is like a treadmill.

Think about getting a treadmill.  You’re going to have to spend a lot more money on it.  Walking is free, but that treadmill is big bucks.  You’re going to need to create space for it, put it together, maybe buy some accessories for it.

The thing about that treadmill?  It will not make you skinny unless you get on it and do the hard work.

That was a really long winded way of saying-yes, you can get more out of a Wordpress site, but you have to do the more.

What are you getting into with Wordpress?

You're going to have to spend more, and not just for the design.  (Why do Wordpress designs cost so much more? They are tons more work to set up.)  There are additional fees to migrate your content.  There are hosting fees.  Your pin went viral!  Awesome! Also, your hosting fees just went up.  If you decide you don't want to pay for hosting anymore, you're site is gone.  Also, many of the top notch plugins are not free.

Wordpress is great, but it takes time to be great.  One of the best examples I can give you is a plugin called Social Warfare.  With this plugin, when a reader pins or shares from your site, the plugin automatically chooses the optimal sized image for that platform.  Sounds great, right?  And it is.  The catch is you have to pay for the plugin and make each of those ideally sized images.

If you're just getting started, I don't recommend Wordpress.  I know, I know.  There are lots of Wordpress people that say they wished they had started on Wordpress.  Those people are B4L-Bloggers for Life.  They love blogging, and they love doing the more that comes along with Wordpress.

The thing about getting started is you don't really know if blogging is going to be for you.  I have installed hundreds of blog designs.  A significant number are for people that never posted or just blogged once or twice.

And you know what?  That's okay.  You don't know if something is right for you until you try it.  Wordpress is a much more expensive option for something that may not even even be a good fit for you.

So, should you make the switch?

You’re not ready to move to Wordpress if . . .

You are ready to move to Wordpress if . . .

•Do you blog consistently?

•Are you working on getting more out of your current blog by setting up Rich Pins, using optimal sized images, using descriptions to improve your SEO?

•Do you like figuring out how to do things?  Your blog designer will install your design, but he or she is not your webmaster.

•Do you have time to manage your blog?  Wordpress blogs can have serious security issues and are targets for hackers.  Also, spam for daaaayyyysss.

If you're not blogging consistently and not already trying to get the most out of your blog, I would say don't switch.  Just paying more for Wordpress isn't going to offset not having time to blog.  If anything, it's the complete opposite.  You will need to spend more time managing your blog.

If you're blogging consistently, open to the learning curve, and can make time to manage your site, switching to Wordpress is something you should consider.

My teaching blog is on Blogger and will most likely stay there.  I don't feel like I consistently blog.  It tends to be the thing that gets bumped off my to do list when life gets hairy.  I do feel like I have some good content.  I'd hate for that to go away because I didn't want to keep up with hosting fees.  (Yes, they say it's $3.95 a month.  IT NEVER IS.)

I moved my design site to Wordpress and am happy with that decision.  It is an extra expense, but it buys me time.  Now that I can sell design dates directly on my site, it has freed up a ton of time that I used to spending emailing people back and forth about dates, deposits, etc.  That's time I can instead use to make money designing.

Are you ready to make the switch or will you be staying on Blogger?

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Blog Baby Blog Week 2: Dot Com Yourself

Blog Baby Blog is back this week with how set up your blog domain redirect.  If you missed last week's epic three part post on Rich Pins, you can catch up here, here, and here.  You may need a nap afterwards though!

This week's post is on how to .com yourself, also known as redirecting your domain.  You absolutely can purchase your domain through Google.  It's pretty easy too.  For the majority of people, that should work just fine.  If you ever think you may want to switch to Wordpress though (more on that next week), it's a good idea to consider somewhere else because it can get a little sticky to make the switch later.

Tutorial on how to redirect your Blogger blogspot.com address to a your own domain.

This tutorial takes your through the steps using GoDaddy.  There are other places you can purchase from.  This is the host I'm familiar with and many people use.

Let’s take a side trip on forwarding vs redirecting (feel free to skip this part):

You want to redirect your domain instead of mask/forward it.  What's the difference?  Say your address is www.mycuteclassroom.blogspot.com, and you purchased the www.mycuteclassroom.com domain.

•With forwarding, typing in either of those addresses brings you to the blogspot.com address.

•With a redirect, typing in either of those addresses brings you to the .com address.

Bought a .com and not sure if your site is set up with a redirect or forward?  Go to your blogger dashboard and click "View Blog".  Look at the address.  If it says blogspot, you have forwarding set up.  If it just says .com, you're all set!

On to the tutorial!

First you need to purchase your domain on GoDaddy.  The domain is cheap.  They’ll stick you with a bunch of add ons.  You do want the privacy add on.  Otherwise, people can use this site to look up the name and address associated with the domain.  All the information listed for my site is Go Daddy’s information.  If I had not added the privacy protection, it would have my phone number, address, and email address listed.  Yikes.


Go to Settings-->Basic-->Publishing-->Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog-->Put in the address with www included-->Save

You’ll get a screen that looks like this:
**The second row of information is specific to each blog.  I blocked out the actual information from this blog and replaced it with a similar looking but made up sequence.

You’ve got an error, but no worries.  We needed that second row of information for our Go Daddy work.

Go Daddy

In your Go Daddy account, Click on My Products-->Domains-->Manage DNS
**You can add privacy from here if your need to.

Once you click on Manage DNS, you will be at your Records page.  You’ll need those two pieces of information from Blogger.

1.  Find the CNAME row with www as the name and @ as the value

•Click on the pencil to edit

•Change @ to ghs.google.com


**TTL is the amount of time it will take to go live.  I select custom and change it to 600 seconds for everything I do. 10 minutes used to be one of the their dropdown options, and it now longer is, but I still change it to that.  It may not even make a difference.

2.  Click ADD

•Type: CNAME

•Host: the first piece of information in that second row of craziness

•Points to: grab that really long sequence


**Don’t worry if you get an error message.  Just hit refresh.  It will be there.

3.  Click ADD

•Your will need to do this 4 separate times.

•Each time you will select A as the Type and
your domain with no www (ex: teaching superpower.com) as the Host.

•For Points to, add one of these in each time:

•Save each time

•You may get an error message.  Sometimes I get it on all four, sometimes I don’t get it on any of them.  If you get the error message, just hit refresh and your information will be there.

It will look like this when you are finished:


Go back to Blogger, and click on Save again.  Now that your information is all set up in Go Daddy, it will look like this:
•Click on Edit

•Check the box as shown below:


**FYI-Check your link in Chrome first.  It usually works immediately.  Firefox usually takes 10 minutes or less, and Safari can take up to an hour.

**If you have confirmed your site in Pinterest, you will need to reconfirm the .com site and revalidate your pins.  You can read how to do that here.

Good luck!

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July Desktop Calendar {Freebie}

Happy July to you! I’m knee deep in summer and loving it.  July seemed to sneak up really quickly this month.  I need summer to slooooooow down a bit.  Here’s a beachy desktop calendar to dress up your desktop (or laptop  or iPad or whatever!)

New computer and iPad calendar added every month.

This incredible seashell clipart is from Paper Sphinx.  The script font (those swashes-swoon) is Lucita.  The fun serif font for is from this bundle.  {FYI-Those are affiliate links.  Got a font and clipart addiction to feed.}

New computer and iPad calendar added every month.

Like it? Pin it!

New computer and iPad calendar added every month.


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{June} Favorites

Hey y'all! June has been an awesome month (Yay summer! Yay move over!)  I'm her to share some of my favorites with you from the past month.

So, I would say, let's get started. (Did anyone else notice that almost every YouTube video starts that way? I've been looking for a reason to say it myself, and this is as close as I can get.)

My new favorite TV show-Orphan Black.  And the only reason I’m getting any exercising done.

Orphan Black-I. Am. Obsessed.  I'm only on the beginning of season 2-so no spoilers people.  I could binge watch this like nobody's business.  I did get smart and only allow myself to watch it when I'm exercising.  Which means I'm exercising longer and more often.  Before you get too impressed, her is my workout corner.

This little elliptical is pretty awesome.  I didn't want to spend a lot on a treadmill or elliptical or get something that took up too much space because I was pretty sure I'd never use it.  I upped my game recently and added in some hand weights.  They're only two pounds, but I'm just trying to keep bus driver arms away not build up my guns.
You can read more about it here:

Did you know you can personalize your own Tervis Tumbler?
Did you know you can personalize Tervis tumblers?  You would have thought it was Christmas in my house the day the Fed Ex man dropped this off.  

Saturday mornings are for breakfast dates.

Breakfast dates are a new thing in our house.  There is a DARLING shopping area that is a five minute bike ride from our new house.  The hubby and I have been going every weekend for a breakfast date.  It's pretty much the cutest place ever.  I feel like Chip and Joanna would approve.

Is it possible this dress from Ann Taylor is THE perfect summer dress?

This dress from Ann Taylor has me swooning.  I go it during their 50% off sale, but it still wasn't cheap.  A dress that is flattering and fits perfectly is priceless though, so I'm glad I snapped it up.

Runaway weekends with friends are the BEST!
Runaway trips are the best!  My girls spent a week at my mother-in-law’s house, and I ran away to Denver with the always a blast Molly from Lucky to Be in First.  We happened to be there during ISTE, so we got to walk around the Expo and see some of the amazing technology resources for classrooms.  So many inspiring ideas and products!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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Blog Baby Blog Week 1: Make the Most of Your Rich Pins

Hey there! This post is the third in a series on Rich Pins. Make sure you catch the first two posts:

How to Maximize Your Rich Pins: Use image properties to get the most out of your rich pins.

Up Your Image Game

If you followed the tutorial from Part 2 (or you were already on the ball), you have rich pins.  You actually probably don’t have rich pins.  You more likely have middle class pins and the potential for rich pins.  The real richness comes from your ability to set the pin description.  This is important for people to find your pin.  What might they be searching for?  Include those key words in your description.

Unless you have been a very good, responsible blogger, you probably haven’t been using the description option on your images.  Pinterest will only pull the title of your post unless you do some extra work.

Image descriptions
When you insert an image, one of your options is to add an image description.  Now that you have rich pins, Pinterest will pull the description you have added to an image.

**To do this, click on your image-->Properties.  Add the description to the boxes.  Pinterest will pull from either box, but Tailwind pulls from the alt box.  There are other sites that only pull from one or the other, so it’s best to add it to both.

Here’s a before and after for you:

Give it a try.  Go into an old post and add a description to one of the images and update the post.  Now try to pin it.

**FYI-This won’t change pins that are already on Pinterest, but will work on any pins pinned from your site in the future.

Are you panicking a little on the possible hundreds of posts you didn’t add descriptions to?  I was.  I can’t fix all 247 posts unless I quit life.  So, I’m not going to stress about it.  I am going to work my way through my most popular posts and add descriptions to the images most likely to be pinned.  At some point.

Pinterest, like all social media sites, has a favorite size.  This post says that (for now) Pinterest’s optimal size is 736X1104 pixels.

I’m going to work on adding optimal images to those popular posts, also.  Again, at some point.

Any other tips for getting the most out of your images?

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