February Favorites

Hey hey! Happy almost March to you.  I never have trouble saying goodbye to February because I hate the cold weather.
It's time for February favorites! Read about my InstaAmazing new kitchen tool, my latest bad habit, and more!

February did me a favor this year, and kept it nice and warm in Texas.  Turns out flip flops in February is a real thing.

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Number one hands down, no contest, without a doubt is my Instapot.

We've cooked spaghetti squash in 9 minutes (for real), a roast in 40 minutes, chicken tacos in 18 minutes, and pork tacos in 40 minutes (we love tacos, okay?)  It's amazing.  Worried about having room for a crock pot and an Instapot?  No worries, it does the slow cooking thing, too.  And sautéeing.  And yogurt making, but that's way outside our household abilites.

p.s. Don't get too impressed.  I had to Google how to spell sautéeing.

I love this t-shirt I bought from Mindy Mae's Market.  It was kind of expensive for a t-shirt, but since it pretty much sums up my entire life in one hashtag, I felt it was a worthwhile purchase.

My husband and I visited the Holocaust Museum Houston this month.  It was inspiring and heartbreaking and so many other feelings wrapped up in one two hour visit.  It was an honor to learn about the men and women featured in the museum and very sobering to realize how truly horrible humanity can be.

I'm continuing to ease out of my solid color comfort zone (gray, black, and denim-I love you so much!)  This pattern from Loft is so bright and fun.  I didn't grab it the first day I saw it because it wasn't on sale.  Loft consistently puts the whole store on sale for 40% off, so full price is for suckers.  I was polite enough not to say that to the checkout lady when she told me it wasn't on sale.

Shriners Hospital Philadelphia has a special place in our family's heart.  Our older daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis in 2014.  She needed surgery to correct it, and Shriners Philadelphia is one of the few places in the country that offers an alternative to fusion for kids.  It means we trek back and forth once or twice a year, but it has been worth it.  Our doctor and the staff there are simply amazing.  Now that our second girlie has been diagnosed with Scoliosis, they're keeping an eye on her, too.

It was an amazing 72 degrees in February, so we spent some time out and about.  How cute are they?  Turns out my husband and I make great people but terrible spines.

Who else is ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to March and spring break??