January Favorites

Hey hey! I'm usually not a January fan because I hate cold weather, but this month has been super mild even Houston.
It's time for January favorites! Read about a major get focused time saver, a slightly ridiculous coffee accessory, and more.
This post contains affiliate links which means Amazon tosses me some change whenever someone makes a purchase through one of these links and allows me feed my late night random Priming habit! 

Time to wrap up January with a run down of my favorites from this month.

The Forest app is forcing me (against my will, apparently) to be more productive.  I was SHOCKED the first time I used it by how distracted I am by social media.

Forest App is an amazing time management tool.  Quit wasting time on social media and get to work!

I knew I was distracted, but this made it clear had bad I was.  I like that you can set the timer for different amounts of time.  You can get back into your phone, but you have to kill a tree to do it.  At $1.99, this one is totally worth it.

Most embarrassing purchase of the month award goes to my new frother.  I love this thing a little too much.  I justified this purchase as a way to cut back on my Starbucks spending.  Having a Starbucks two minutes from my school + the ease of mobile ordering has resulted in my Starbucks spending getting waaaaay out of control.  This makes my plain old coffee maker coffee feel much fancier and I'm happy to report HAS resulted in reducing my Starbucks spending.
Nespresso coffee frother takes your coffee up a notch (or ten)

p.s.  Anybody else come up with reasons to buy stuff because "you're actually saving money"?

The Man in the High Castle had my eyes glued to the screen.  Which was not a good thing because I usually only watch shows on my iPad while I'm working.  This majorly interfered with my productivity, but it was completely worth it!
It's an Amazon Original series with two seasons.  The premise for the show is super interesting.  I love how they worked it into the storyline over time instead of hitting you over the head with it.

I wasn't able to resist the siren song of Loft's 50% off sale.  Since we're having such a warm winter, I've gotten tired of my fake fall/winter clothes.  I'm pretty sure I've been wearing the same five outfits to school every week.  I grabbed several tops, but this one is by far my favorite.  The shirt's material is a little thicker than the usual t-shirt material which gives it some extra smoothing power.  Much appreciated Loft.

I gave A Bird in Hand Designs a top to bottom makeover this month, and I'm super in love with it.  It had become a hodge podge of pages and links and information.  Over time I just kept adding things on here and there, and it had become a majorly disorganized mess.  I wanted to overhaul the site and decided to go with fresh new colors, fonts, and even a new theme.  I'm about 95% of the way done, but happy to call it good and fiddle around with the last parts.
A Bird in Hand Designs • Blogger and Wordpress Designs
I couldn't be more delighted with the finished product!

Hope you a wonderful January! I'm looking forward to February and a new month of favorites!