October Favorites

Hey hey! October has flown by!  I love decorating for fall and Halloween, I can pretend the weather is going to cool off, and both of my girlies have their birthdays.  It's been an incredibly busy, fun, and exhausting month.  Here are a few of my favorites (and a freebie) from this month.
You can't pour from an empty cup free printable as well as some of my favorites from this month.

This post contains affiliate links which means Amazon tosses me some change whenever someone makes a purchase through one of these links.  Please know I only share items that I use and love.  I hope you'll find a new favorite this month! 

We finally got a BIG project finished that's been on my new house to do list since we bought it.  For some inexplicable reason, the builder chose to leave the areas next to the fireplace empty.

Um, okay.

The perfect fall coat from Loft.

Well, we finally got our built-ins put in this month, and I could not love it more.  They finish off the room and give us a ton of extra storage.  Can I tell you how happy I am that those cabinets are empty except for the electronic nonsense?  Best household luxury ever.
Shake Shack, y'all!  I'm embarrassed to say that Shake Shack was in my top three for must do's when I took a weekend trip to New York City this month for an unconfernece at the Teachers Pay Teachers offices.  Thankfully, I was with like minded people, and we were able to squeeze in a visit to my beloved Shake Shack.

Here's a philosophical question for you-Can it be a favorites post without something from Loft?  I am in love with this jacket.  I feel like Goldilocks when it comes to winter coats.  Everything is either too light or too heavy.  I live in Houston, y'all.  I need a heavy winter coat maybe five times a year.  This coat from Loft is that just right in between.  This photo doesn't actually show the color well.  It's more of an army green.

I got a new phone this month which meant time for a new case.  I fell hard for the matching portable charger because who can say no to a matching ensemble?  Apparently, not me.  I picked this up at Nordstrom, but there are tons on Amazon.
The cutest matching iphone case and portable charger from Sonix.

And here's a hard lesson I'm finally starting to learn.  This teacher/wife/momma life is hard.  We end up giving, giving, giving, and there's nothing left.  Once you've given everything, you're no good to anyone.  Make sure you're filling your cup.  Here's a print to remind you to make space in your life to take care of yourself.  Click here or below to download the image.

You can't pour from an empty cup free printable as well as some of my favorites from this month.

Here's to an awesome November!