September Favorites

Woohoo! The first full month of school is complete.  Here are a few of my favorites from the month that seemed like it just wouldn't stop.

I Survived

This is my 18th year as an educator, and I somehow manage to underestimate how hard this time of year is each and every year.  It's like childbirth.  You remember it was hard, but the details fade some, or you'd never do it again.

Campaign Manager

I ran my first political campaign, and it was a major success.  This little lady decided at the last minute to run for student council.  Pinterest rescued us with great ideas for campaign posters and some great tips for writing the speech.
Here she is with my parents before her first official chance serve during our Grandparents' Day chapel.

Target Run Away Trips

After 17 years of marriage, my husband knows that when I say I'm running to Target for one thing it's a bald faced lie.  First of all, a trip to Target never involves one thing.  Plus, it usually involves a few more stops on the way home.

I snagged this awesome rug on my last trip.  It looks perfect in my office now that we have the wood floors down.  I knew when the ad had my desk it in, it was meant to be.

Rose Gold Everything

Darn you Kendra Scott.  I have no self control.  I love the new filigree option for the color bar.  I picked up a rose gold bracelet and some rose gold earrings this month.  I've banned myself for a little while.

Stan's Donuts

I had a little runaway girls weekend to Chicago this month.  I ran my mouth so much that weekend, that the only picture I took was from Stan's Donuts (that I might have sent in a taunting text to my husband.)  I love the variety of their donuts.  The lemon pistachio old fashion is hands down my favorite.

Hope you had a great September! I'm ready for October and the hope of highs in the 80's (maybe?  Please, Lord, make this happen.  Amen.)