August Favorites

Hey, y’all! August is winding down, and we’re headed straight towards September and fall!  Unless you live in Texas like me.  Somehow every fall I still think September is going to bring me cooler air, cardigans, and falling leaves.  This never happens.

Here are a few of my favorites from the past month.  Hope you’ve had a great August!
My a new cleaning tool I never thought I’d love, some formerly blank spaces and more favorites from August.

This post contains affiliate links which means Amazon tosses me some change whenever someone makes a purchase through one of these links.  Please know I only share items that I use and love.  I hope you'll find a new favorite this month! 
I'm starting this month out with a bang because this is by far THE BEST thing that happened to me in August.  I got a Roomba.

(We were concerned Ruby was going to try to murder the Roomba, but she is completely unbothered by it.  Murray, not so much.)

Let me first say, I have never pined for a Roomba.  I was chatting with a friend who is both thriftier than I am and has higher cleaning standards than me.  She raved about her Roomba, and I thought it would be worth a try.  This is why I have to work.  When I’m home in the summer, I will buy ALL THE THINGS.  Anybody else suffer from this phenomenon?

Here’s the one I bought.  I actually bought mine from Target because I was there, but I could have saved more money by buying it on Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond with a coupon (be careful-their coupon doesn’t work on all Roomba models.)

This SUPER fun shirt from the Loft is going to be one of my favorites this fall.  I love the fun florals that are in style right now!

We finally got around to hanging some pictures in our new house.  By we, I mean my husband hung them, and I obsessed over making sure everything was lined up and centered correctly.  We’re still married though, so it all worked out.

This giant area over our fireplace has made me crazy since we bought our new house.  I’m glad to finally get it filled in.

One of my most favorite things are the pictures in our bedroom.  Each time we go on a trip, I purchase a print from Etsy when we get back.  Here is one of the little groupings in our bedroom.  I love waking up to these memories!

We took a super fast family vacation to Chicago before school started.  I love going there.  There’s a ton to do, it’s easy to get around, and so much good food.  We got to catch the last night of Newsies before it left town, and it was amazing.  It was only mildly embarrassing that my older daughter and I managed to pack nearly matching dresses to wear to the show.  Like mother like daughter.

We gave in and let this kiddo get two goldfish (but only after she completed days worth of research and a 50 slide PowerPoint on how to take care of a fish, the equipment necessary, and information on the type of fish she wanted.)  While I did not feel like our house needed one more living thing to take care of, how sweet is this smile?  And I’m please to share that Kevin and Shakira are doing well in their new home.

Now let’s bring on September and the dream of cooler weather!