June Favorites

Hey y'all! June has been an awesome month (Yay summer! Yay move over!)  I'm her to share some of my favorites with you from the past month.  So, I would say, let's get started. (Did anyone else notice that almost every YouTube video starts that way? I've been looking for a reason to say it myself, and this is as close as I can get.)

This post contains affiliate links which means Amazon tosses me some change whenever someone makes a purchase through one of these links.  Please know I only share items that I use and love.  I hope you'll find a new favorite this month! 

My new favorite TV show-Orphan Black.  And the only reason I’m getting any exercising done.

Orphan Black-I. Am. Obsessed.  I'm only on the beginning of season 2-so no spoilers people.  I could binge watch this like nobody's business.  I did get smart and only allow myself to watch it when I'm exercising.  Which means I'm exercising longer and more often.  Before you get too impressed, her is my workout corner.

This little elliptical machine is pretty awesome.  I didn't want to spend a lot on a treadmill or elliptical or get something that took up too much space because I was pretty sure I'd never use it.  I upped my game recently and added in some hand weights.  They're only two pounds, but I'm just trying to keep bus driver arms away not build up my guns.

Did you know you can personalize your own Tervis Tumbler?
Did you know you can personalize Tervis tumblers?  You would have thought it was Christmas in my house the day the Fed Ex man dropped this off.  

Saturday mornings are for breakfast dates.

Breakfast dates are a new thing in our house.  There is a DARLING shopping area that is a five minute bike ride from our new house.  The hubby and I have been going every weekend for a breakfast date.  It's pretty much the cutest place ever.  I feel like Chip and Joanna would approve.

Is it possible this dress from Ann Taylor is THE perfect summer dress?

This dress from Ann Taylor has me swooning.  I go it during their 50% off sale, but it still wasn't cheap.  A dress that is flattering and fits perfectly is priceless though, so I'm glad I snapped it up.

Runaway weekends with friends are the BEST!
Runaway trips are the best!  My girls spent a week at my mother-in-law’s house, and I ran away to Denver with the always a blast Molly from Lucky to Be in First.  We happened to be there during ISTE, so we got to walk around the Expo and see some of the amazing technology resources for classrooms.  So many inspiring ideas and products!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!