October Favorites

Hey hey! It's almost November.  Already.  Somehow.
I'm taking a look back at October and sharing some of my favorite things from the this month.

Booties.  I sent out an Instagram bootie plea (that sounds awful) last weekend.  I'm finally ready to embrace the bootie but so is everyone else so I was overwhelmed with bootie options.

These Sam Edelman booties + the Toms booties live in my heart now.  So stinking cute but also comfortable.  Because I can't deal with uncomfortable shoes no matter how cute they are.

Let's just take a minute to admire them.  Swoon.

This READ shirt from Claire Lynn Designs is beyond cute.  It's also super comfortable.  I ordered a medium which is what I usually wear, and it fit just right.  Plus it was a really good excuse to wear a t-shirt to work.

It's faux fall here in Texas (we still had a heat index  in the 90's last week, so it is very, very faux.)  I'm loving this scarf from Loft.  If I can get a close parking spot at school, I don't even sweat it up on the walk into school.

I went to New York City, y’all.  It was amazing.  I got to hang with some of my favorite blogging people, see my first broadway show, and visit the TPT headquarters.
**Side note: See-I do love that scarf! I really only like infinity scarves because regular scarves are too high maintenance for the school day.  They shift, y’all.  I don’t have time for that.  I just pin the two ends slightly overlapping, slide it through the sewing machine, and BOOM-I have an infinity scarf.

My October background made me happy each time I opened my computer.  I shared it at Owl-Ways Be Inspired.  I should have an November one to share with you next week!

Hope you had a great October, too!