Bouncy Band All the Chairs


Just wow.

I jumped at the chance to try out and review Bouncy Bands because we all have kiddos that just can't seem to stay in their skin much less their seats.  There's nothing wrong with them, they just need to move.  It just doesn't always work so well in the classroom.  I've seen lots of options-wiggle seats, yoga balls for chairs, bicycle desks, but I think this is my favorite.  It's inexpensive, flexible, and it works.  Don’t these cartoon kids look happy with it?

I wasn't familiar with Bouncy Bands, but I see plenty of kids that can't stay focused sitting at their desk while working.  I was willing to give it a try.  I could give you a regular review, but I think a few  teacher quotes would give you a better idea of how well they work.

Me: "Hey, how did the bounc-"
Teacher: "Thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It was amazing.

Me: "Hey, have you seen these bouncy band things?  You put it on the chair, and it gives kiddos a way to get the movement out while still working."
Teacher: "Wow! I need to get one for <insert me thinking of students' names> my daughter.  That would help her so much.”

Me: "Who do you think we should try these out with?"
Teacher: "Jane Brown, Robert Black, Harry White, Claire Green, William Rose, . . ."
Me: "Um, I only have two."
Teacher: "Can you get more?"

{In case it isn't obvious, I did not use kids real names.  I'm not a jerk.}

To be brief (finally), Bouncy Bands are awesome.  I tried out the chair bands because we have tables instead of desks at my school, but I can imagine that the desk version would be effective, too.

Here are a few cutie models I borrowed to try them out:
That skirt?  So adorable.  Wish it came in my size.

They're a super affordable way to help kiddos that just need a little more movement to get those wiggles out.  You can get them on the Bouncy Band website or on Amazon.  If you go to the site, you can use code 15OFF until 10/16/15 for 15% off.

OR you can work with Donor's Choose and write a project to get some for your classroom.  Here are some helpful tips from the website on writing a DC project specifically for Bouncy Bands.

Happy bouncing!