May Favorites

Hi May.  Bye May.  Anybody else think this month just flew by?

Here are a few things from the past month that I am just loving.
I had a birthday this month, and it was time to admit that I needed to beef up the super sheer foundation I’ve been wearing.  The skin of my 20’s is long gone and 4-0 is starting to loom ahead in the horizon.   My biggest problem was that I didn’t want to feel like I was wearing twelve pounds of make up.  That’s why I’m completely in {LOVE} with this from Clinique.
Did I say 40 was in on the horizon?  Not when I’m wearing this foundation.

My unicorn tank top.  No, there’s not actually a unicorn on it.  It is my mythical, impossible to find tank top.  I wanted one that was not suctioned to my body but still had shape, covered my bra straps, and came in a bunch of different colors so I could have my summer wardrobe completed.  (Since it is 475 degrees in Texas in the summer, tank tops are essential to life.)

I had complete given up until I found this one from Loft.  Perfection and it was 40%.  I bought three, and I’ll be headed back for more.

I quit drinking soft drinks in January when I did the Whole30.  I have tried and tried and tried to like La Croix but couldn’t get past the weird after taste.  I finally found a flavor that I can enjoy when I just want something cold and fizzy.  I have only seen it at Target, and I’m pretty sure it’s a limited time flavor.  Of course.  I wish it came in a normal sized can because I love a monogrammed koozie.

Y’all.  I have been binge watching this like nobody’s business.  How have I never watched this show before?
I don’t think my husband appreciates my newest obsession because it leads to a lot of texts like these:

I shared some happy news on this post and how I have struggled with change in the past.  I had fun making the graphic for it and loved how it turned out.  A couple of people asked if it was available as a printable, so here you go!
Also, it turns out alright is not even a word.  Well, that was embarrassing.

As great of a month as May was, I’m excited for June!  School will be out, we’re going to the beach, and it gets me that much closer to the TPT Conference in Las Vegas in July!

Five on the Fifth Instagram Style

Hey hey! It’s the supposed to be the fifth were I share five awesome teaching ideas from the past month.  Except it’s the sixth, and I’ve finally recovered from a CUH-RAZY stomach bug because life is like that.  Just to mix it up, this is the Instagram version.

Are you not on Instagram?

How is this possible??? It’s honestly my favorite social media times a million.

Hopefully this post will convince you to join.  I love seeing ideas throughout the day from my teaching blogger friends.

Author’s purpose + Scholastic orders = Genius.  From Saddle Up for 2nd Grade.

 I can’t.  I just can’t.  Best end of the year party idea in the history of ever from Archer’s All Stars. (And before you think I was hoarding these, someone posted a comment referencing this, and so I had to go digging through her old posts like a crazy stalker.  You’re welcome.)

Are you kidding me? Neon paper newsletters from Queen of the First Grade Jungle and Mail Chimp from Ms. BBZ’s Second Grade for newsletters?  Love these ideas!!!

Take it or leave it?  I bet a lot of your students would take this activity than leave it! Such a fun idea from Conversations in Literacy.

Area and perimeter just got fun.  Boom.  Thanks for sharing this idea Ginger Snap’s Treats for Teachers.