March Favorites

Hey! Hey! I've been so happy March finally arrived.  I am not a winter gal.  I can't take the cold.  Did I mention I live in Houston?  I'm that much of a winter wimp.
There are few things I've been loving this past month:

These Shoreline Converse.
I was very skeptical when a friend swore up and down that these were comfortable.  I had visions of bloody heels and me limping through the hallway at school cursing her.  But they were cute, and we were in Nordstrom, and I am weak.  And I loooooove them.  This picture looks like they're super pulled in but they must have had a box on top of this particular shoe for a week.  They have a tiny bit of elastic in the back, so they give instead of cutting into the back of your heels.
This hot wings recipe from Lexi's Clean Kitchen.
I am like a freaking super hero in my house with this recipe.  AND it's clean.  Whole30 compliant here.  No additives, junk, sugar, preservatives, etc, etc in this recipes.  You're welcome.  So when you family gorges and over eats these things, it will still be healthy.
The Hill Country Hyatt.  My husband had to go to a work thingy in San Antonio, and I tagged along.  He worked.  I relaxed and supported the local economy because I am a good person.  This hotel is beautiful and relaxing and just stinking charming.
If you follow me on Instagram, I spammed you with pictures of it.
I got an iPhone 6 Plus.  Yep.  I did it.  I got the mega iPhone.
And I have zero point zero regrets about this.  Why didn't I do this sooner?  Plus I got a super snazzy case for as you can see in my World Market iPhone selfie.
My Kikki K planner.
I'll be writing a whole planner tour post and share how this planner is saving my life right now.  Roll your eyes non planner people.  My planner people plans will be drooling over this beauty.

Hope you had a great March! So glad April and warmer temperatures are finally here!