TouchTronic: Seriously. You Need These

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I had the opportunity to visit EDExpo in Atlanta , and it was amazing.  It's basically where companies come to get in contact with store buyers, but they allowed some bloggers to crash their party.  Pretty nice, huh?  I got to wander around with Dana from Prepping the Primary Grid Iron, Deirdre from A Burst of First, and Molly from Lucky to be in First.  We met Pete the Cat.  It's a hard life.
There were some cool things, some odd things, but this thing completely stopped up in our tracks.  I recently had a conversation with our tech gal where we talked about using technology in the classroom authentically and not just for the sake of using iPads because they're cool.  This app/product combo is all that and more.
Love these for small groups and reading centers! With free apps, TouchTronic Letters are perfect for hands on learning with your beginning readers.

This is not a paid review, but I will say that I was given this set of TouchTronic letters.
I honestly think that we were freaking out so much about how awesome this product is that we made the guy uncomfortable, and he possibly gave us these one the premise that maybe we would go away, and he wouldn’t have to call security.  It was that inappropriate.

So anyway, TouchTronic Letters and Numbers.  They are sets of letters and numbers that you can use with an iPad.  Right now, they're are two apps for each product, but it seems there are plans for more.

The letters set (the one I was given during our group freakout) is $29.99 on the Junior Learning site and usually around $25 on Amazon.  There are several apps for it right now-an ABC app, 3 letter words app, and a couple of others.

The ABC App:

The 3 Letter Words App:
My first grade friends LOVED this app.  I like it because it is something you would have your kids do anyway but with bonuses:

•Immediate feedback.  If it’s not a real word, nothing happens.  If it is a real word, a picture pops up.

•When you tap the letter on the screen, it makes the letter sound.  This is reinforcement my kids need over and over.

They also sell a letter mat.  I think it would definitely be helpful so that the letters don't become a jumbled mess.  Also, just setting up the letters in a learning station would help kids with alphabetical order.

The math set blew me away.  I really, really want this one.  That’s pretty dumb because I DON'T EVEN TEACH MATH.  I keep trying to come up with reasons I should go ahead and buy it.  So far, I haven't come up with any.
This is using the Place Value App.  All I did was use a number and tap it on the place value section, and it "built" it.  What I love is that you can use the plus or minus sign with this also to see how the number changes depending on the place.  So, if I tapped the 7 with the plus sign, it would change to 800.
There are addition, subtraction, greater than/less than resources on the apps, too.  The apps are free and the numbers set is $19.99.  There is a class set available too.  I'd love to see a set of 6 available because that would be great for learning stations or small groups.

Anybody else using TouchTronic Letters? How do use them with your students?


  1. I just ordered both the letters and numbers on Amazon this afternoon! I can't wait to get them in the hands of my kinders!
    Always Kindergarten

  2. I ordered some today for my preschooler to use at home. He is gonna love these! Thanks for sharing, I honestly wouldn't have even known they existed otherwise.

  3. I knew I shouldn't have read this post based on the title, lol! These look terrific and I will do anything to make learning enjoyable & meaningful for my little strugglers. They are now in my Amazon cart! Thanks for sharing, Jen