Elf on the Shelf and Kindness in the Classroom

Happy December to you!  I'm so excited December is here!  I love Christmas, I love reflecting on the year, and I love having a long holiday from school.  Amen, y'all.

I wrote a post a loooooong time ago about how I use my Elf on the Shelf in the classroom.  There are a lot of new people around this blog these days (woohoo!), so I thought it was worth writing about again.  He does fun and kookie stuff, but this is why I really love him:
I put this up in my classroom.  I had it printed on an 11x17 piece of glossy card stock at Office Max for about $1.50 and laminated it.

Throughout the day, kids can write about something kind they observed a classmate doing.  Franklin takes the notes each night to the North Pole.  You know-just in case Santa missed something.

Here's a picture from a previous year:
This year, since I am only working with small groups, this is going to be part of our warm up.  You can download this freebie (regular and large versions) for free here.  You'll need to download the font for the elf's name, or just use another font you like.

We'll have fun with our elf this year, but I love having him as part of our classroom to take the emphasis off of getting and on to others.
{Yes-one year they made cards for Franklin.}

Want more holiday goodness? I posted about my favorite holiday writing activity over on the Owl-Ways Be Inspired blog today!

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