October Favorites

Hey hey! November is here, so it's time for me to share some of last month's favorites with you.
This sweatshirt from Loft is a dream.  Mainly because it looks waaaaay too nice to be a sweatshirt, and people will say things like, "Wow! I love your beautiful sweater."  And you will be all, "Oh thank you!" But inside you'll be laughing because it's a sweatshirt, and you are winning.
p.s.  That is a true story.

Good grief.  This show is awesome.  My brother-in-law told me about it.  Season 1 was on Netflix, and I like to have something playing while I watch Netflix, so why not?  I gave it a try not expecting much, and ended up flying through season 1 and the few episodes of this season, so no I have to watch weekly like a regular person.  Boo.
I don't think it will surprise anyone that I'm obsessed with another pair of Tieks.  But oh my soft leather goodness, the color of my new merlot Tieks is perfection.  I love them.  I may have pet them for a little while when they first came in.
Oh lunch.  We can be friends again.  This is a local company that delivers lunches to businesses.  Each lunch is under 500 calories, but she also has a "comfort food" menu for when you're looking to fall off the wagon.  You just have to order by 5:00 the day before, and your lunch shows up the next day with everything you need to enjoy it.

I am in love with this song right now.  My dad, older daughter, and I got to go to a Francesca Battistelli concert recently, and she sang this song.  Girl mom's-your daughters' need this song.  It's fun to blast in the car and sing along with, and it has an amazing message.

In case you were here looking for teacher stuff, I did post something educational yesterday at Owl-Ways Be Inspired.
Happy November!