More Silhouette Projects!

Here's a little Silhouette eye candy for you . . .

I used my Silhouette to make a spot for exit tickets (okay, exit post it notes) on the back of my door.

To organize paperwork . . .

To inspire my kiddos . . .

And to look snazzy on spirit days . . .

Stacy from Funky Fresh Firsties made her plain old desk Uh-Mazing by cutting her Melonheadz out in vinyl.

Diane from Fifth in the Middle maxed out here dry erase board using vinyl and her Silhouette.

Lindsey from The Teacher Wife surely made a few happy hearts with this easy project.

I'm a big vinyl fan, but the Silhouette Portrait can cut paper and other materials just as beautifully.  AND IT USES THE FONTS THAT ARE ALREADY ON YOUR COMPUTER.  I would say that is one of the biggest selling points for me.  No buying extra cartridges just to get another font.

Look at these cute letters Christi from Ms. Fultz's Corner cut out:

Silhouette also has a print and cut feature.  I used it to make these tags for my daughters' end of the year gifts for their teachers.

What’s your favorite Silhouette project?

Classroom Community Building

It's that time of year! Back to school time (even though I know some of my bloggy friends have been back for a couple of weeks now.) While you may be in a district that wants you to hit the academics hard core from the first day of school and cut out "fluff", there's nothing fluffy about a cohesive classroom. And you can forget good things happening academically when nobody can get along.

Do you hear me administrators?

I think it's a wise idea to spend some time helping your students learn to live together in a room that gives everybody about one square foot of personal space.  So here's a little collection of some fabuloso ideas I found through the wonderful world of blogging.  Here are some great ideas to get your new friends talking to each other, working together, and thinking about what a successful classroom looks like.

1.  Talk about how to treat each other.

Tales from a Tidy Teacher shares a lesson using Finding the Green Stone by Alice Walker.

She gives each student a shiny green "stone".  They plan how they will keep their stones shiny all year.  I think this would be a great anchor lesson to refer to all year long.

Here's a post from Mrs. Robinson's Classroom Blog.  She has a different question each day to get kids thinking about their role in the classroom.

Your actions are who you are.  When things were getting cranky in my classroom last year, we worked on this activity.  We planned out the words that we would want our principal to use when describing us.  Then we planned out the actions that would get us there.

2.  Talk about words and what they can do (for good and evil).

I love love love this poster.  It is from Sweet Blessings who also happens to be the genius behind Technology Rocks.  Seriously.  I had it printed as an 11x17 on glossy card stock ($1.50 at Office Max).  I referred to it all year long the last couple of years.  By the second month of school, all I had to do was say, "THINK before you speak" and they knew exactly what had gone wrong.

Yes, Mrs. O Knows will convince you that toothpaste and toothpicks will teach kids everything they need to know about words.

I tried so hard to find the original source for this one.  Please leave a comment if you know where it came from.  Cause it's awesome.

3.  Have kids work together in a fun way.
Who wouldn't want to save Fred?  This is a great team work lesson from Fabulous Fourth Grade Froggies.

This one's from Science Gal.  Now tell me that doesn't look fun?

And because the best way to learn that the world does not revolve around you, have your kids perform RACKS.  Random Acts of Classroom Kindness.  Here's an idea from 3rd Grade Thoughts.  There are tons more great ideas out there on this, too.  Have kids work in teams to plan out some RACKS for each the classroom, other students, and staff, too.

And now for a little giggle: - I expect teachers to create a loving, friendly, and cohesive classroom community. Now, go sprinkle some magic fairy dust and start the curriculum on Day 1.

Hope you have a great school year!

Monday Made It

Happy Monday to you!  I've got a few Monday Made Its to share with you.

I've been working on a room makeover (slowly but surely) for my older daughter.  She needed some new art for her walls.  Now she's got some really cute prints for her walls after a little bit of time on Photoshop, $2.50 worth of printing at Office Max, and three $10 Ikea frames.

Next, to get my handy husband to hang them . . . .

I shared the canvases I had printed for my craft area on my last Monday Made It post.  Here's another Canvas Print Factory project.  Can you say obsessed?

One last bit of Photoshop fun before I move on to school stuff (can you tell it's too hot to go outside?)
I shared this earlier, but in case you missed it, here's a fun computer background for the month of August.  It's available in two sizes for regular and wide computer screens.

I also made some black and white sets for my TPT store for when you just want the basics.

You can also fund my shopping addiction and buy the bundle here.

Now it's time to go see what everybody else has been getting crafty with!  Head over to 4th Grade Frolics to see the fun and games.

Five on the Fifth

It's the fifth, which can only mean one thing on this blog.  It's time for . . .

If you're new around here, these posts show off the heart of teaching blogs-the sharing of really great ideas.  Five on the Fifth even has its very own Pinterest board.  You can follow it here.

I found sweet Sarah's blog when she volunteered to be a guinea pig for my Modern&Fresh Build Your Blog.  I was so excited to read about this smarty pants idea on her blog.  I love activities that are flexible and get students thinking about what they're reading and this is a great way to have kids respond.  This activity is both of these things.  You need to hop over to MissKinBK and read all about it!

I'm not going to lie.  I could not even image what Mrs. O at Mrs. O Knows would want with this haul from Dollar Tree.  I won't spoil the surprise, but it's a wonderful lesson that involves teaching kids how hard it is to get toothpaste back in the tube.  Head on over to read all about it.

Teaching vowel sounds is haaaaaaaaaaaaaard.  I will take any trick I can find to teach short vowels.  Leslie at The Groovy Teacher shared how she conquered short vowels in her classroom.  It's definitely worth reading about!

Oh. My. Gosh.  I am in awe.  No words.  Can't speak.  Just go to Catherine's blog, The Brown Bag Teacher, and read about this thing of beauty.

Everybody knows I love my Silhouette Cameo.  Stacy from Funky Fresh Firsties used her Melonhead graphic to make her teacher desk waaaay more rocking.  How cute and fun and happy is this????

Now, if you're in a pinning mood, be kind and pin either from the 5 on the 5th board or directly from these ladies' sites so they can get the credit they deserve!