Two Weeks and Counting

It's Sunday night.  You have two weeks left.  How will you ever make it?

Wow.  It's like I just read your mind, right?

Here's a little Christmas blog flashback for you--a few of the ways I know to just make it until the Christmas holidays.

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I have a give a little, get a little philosophy at this time of year.  Meaning, I'll slow down the pace some academically if you can mostly keep it under control.  One of the things I switch up are our stations.  We do one a day for the last 15-20 minutes of class.  Sort of a Weekly 5 thing instead of the Daily 5.

Independent Reading & Buddy Reading

I put out a big ole basket of holiday books for these.  Love their squeals of delight!

Word Work

Finding smaller words in holiday words for the first week, and building words from scrambled holiday words the second week.  You can download the activities here.  Both activities are two sided.


Normally, we use whole class journals for this, but we set them aside for these last two weeks.  The first week, we do a holiday traditions writing.  The second week, we write about a gift.  You can download the activities here.


Shannon over at Technology Rocks. Seriously. has a seriously rocking post with a million holiday games together on one Google Doc.  You can read the post here.

We also do my most favorite writing activity of the year during this time.   I read the class the book How Santa Got His Job.

Then, we brainstorm together what a Santa help wanted ad would need to include-the requirements, the duties, and the benefits.  After we brainstorm as a class, they brainstorm on their own for an elf help wanted ad.

The next day, they write their ad.  Although this is a really fun activity, it's also a great chance to talk about commas in a series and varying sentence beginnings.

On the third day, they create their final copies.


  1. Good reminder to slow things down a little! Thanks:).

  2. Love the activities! Thank you for making our lives easier these last two weeks!

    The Craft of Teaching

  3. You DID read my mind! Thanks for the great tips! The book you suggested is new to me, so I'm definitely good to check it looks and sounds so cute!
    Crafting Connections