November Favorites

December is almost here! Yikes!  I’ve got a quick post for you tonight with some of my favorites from November.

So this guy joined us this month.
Our poor old lady dog, Judy, went to the dog park in the sky some time ago.  I was not convinced we needed another dog as the one we still had is 60 pounds of love.  My husband insisted Ruby needed a buddy, and he was right big time.  While there is a little difference in size (understatement of the year), they are best buds and the perfect match.  We our loving our little Murray.

I love a good pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, but my waistline does not.  My mom introduced me to this, and it is awesome.  I'm already panicking because it's a seasonal item.  Wonk wonk wonk.

This coat.  Awesome.
I wanted something warm but still cute.  This fit the bill perfectly, and at 40% off, the price was right.

No, I did not just discover Mr. Clean.  I did discover a new use for it that has rocked my world.  See that big black dog above?  She sheds like crazy all over my couch.  I used to take the cordless vacuum to the couch and call it good.  We got a new couch, and for some reason, her fur sticks to it like velcro.  We were using those roller things, but it would take 5 or 6 every time to clean the fur.  Gross.  A damp Magic Eraser wipes that fur right up.  It’s the little things like a defurred couch that make me happy.

This snuggly sweater scarf from Eddie Bauer is my new favorite.  We’ve had some unusually cold days for Texas in November.  This scarf was more than I like to spend on a scarf, but it matched 4 of my puffy vests, so I new it would be put to good use.  I was right.  I’ve already used it a bunch.

Hope you had a wonderful November!