Monday Made It

I'm back with a few Monday Made Its.  I love this linky because it gets my booty moving from just pinning cute ideas on Pinterest to actually turning some of them into reality.  Big thanks to Tara for hosting this every week.  And you'll definitely want to make it to the end of this post for a super crafty giveaway!!

Made It #1:
I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my office/craft room make over.  I've been putting that space to good use.  I had seen this project on a blog I love to read:
I'm starting my older daughter's tween makeover and decided these pillowcases would be a great start.  I {LOVE} how they turned out.

I had a little trouble figuring out the tutorial on the blog, mainly because I'm a level -22 sewer, so I included a few extra pictures.
**If you follow the tutorial, your pillowcase will be too big.  I didn't realize that until I was farther along in the process.  You can start with less fabric (if you feel like doing the math), trim the extras, or just sew a wider seam.

Made It #2
I recently bought an embroidery machine.  I have no idea how to use it, but thanks to YouTube I'm slowly learning.  I knew I would need somewhere to put all the embroidery thread I will inevitably end up hoarding. I saw this pin on Pinterest and knew exactly what I wanted!
A trip to Hobby Lobby led me to this magnetic board. I had to take the magnet board out to replace with my peg board, but I kind of fell in love with the gray chevron.

I sprayed my peg board white, got busy cutting out a chevron pattern with my beloved Silhouette, sprayed it gray, peeled, and voila!
FYI-I couldn't find any dowels that actually fit in a pegboard.  But a trip through the pencil sharpener and a dab of wood glue solved my problem.

How cute does this look???

Made It #3
The school supplies are starting to sneak into stores.  I guess I had B2S on the brain, so I whipped up these cute gingham apples for my TPT store.  I think I'm going to add some chevron apples, too.

You'll definitely want to head on over to visit 4th Grade Frolics and see what everyone is up to.


  1. I keep getting an error message when I try to apply... :/

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. I absolutely L.O.V.E. your blog. I can't believe I haven't found it before now! My Cameo is literally hooked up to my computer and R2D2-ing like mad right now - and I couldn't love it more. I love all of the crafts that you shared - thanks for the thoughtful details!!

    I am your newest follower :) Come stop by if you get a chance!

    The Sweetest Thing
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  3. Your pillowcase came out so cute!! Love the fabrics you chose! I also love those apples! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  4. Loving the pillow case...and everything else! :)


  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pillow case and the colors in it! What fun colors for a room!!! Hope you post more picks when it's done:) Thanks for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. Love the pillow case! I've made those before, and they're so fun. I have gobs and gobs and gobs get it of fabric stored away, and one of these days I'm going to bust it out!
    Love your blog,
    The 85 Mile Commute

  7. Wowza! I wish I were as crafty as you. Great minds think alike (or have the same taste) because I bought the same fabrics you used for your pillowcase and some coordinating chevron prints for my classroom this year :-)

  8. The pillow case is adorable! I love the fabric choices together!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  9. I love the pillow cases! Such a cute idea!


  10. Love, love, love the pillowcases and the thread holder for your craft room! Isn't sewing fun???

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  11. Wow, I admire you. I'm not that adventurous when it comes to learning new things. I don't think I would be able to but an embroidery machine unless I knew a person who was going to be able to show me how to use it. I love your chevron thread holder. The pillowcase turned out terrific! I'm not much of a seamstress, but maybe that is something I could try with my daughter. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  12. I LOVE your pillow cases and your embroidery thread holder is ADORABLE!!! I need to make some pillowcases for my kids' travel pillows they use at daycare. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  13. Great idea for a place to hold the thread! When I had my machine, I put my thread into clear plastic shoe boxes (from Dollar Tree) and just printed color labels. I wish I would have had pinterest back then;)

    Love those pillowcases.