Survival Part 2

I wrote about the first part of my survival plan for the end of the year on Tuesday.  The other half of my plan involves this main idea project:

And, I wrote about it here.   You can read the full run down on the original post, but here's the condensed version:

Day 1: I shared my main idea bag with the kids.  They planned their bags.

Day 2: The kids "built" their bags.  They brought some things in from home, drew pictures, made things out of construction paper, and printed pictures off the Internet (love Kid Rex!)

Day 3: They practiced in their groups.

Day 4: They presented their lesson to second graders.  The second graders rotated through the groups.  They loved it, and my kiddos were invested in this lesson because they had a real purpose.

I am a bad blogger and didn't take new pictures this year.  They're are four days left, and I'm pooped!  I have to say, the kids loved these two activities.  They're fun, educational, and gives me an opportunity to make a dent in that mountain of end of the year paperwork.  How is that not a win?

Happy surviving!