Monday Made It

Happy Monday to you!  It's a little easier to be happy on Monday when there are only 17 days of school left.  I have some fun projects to share for this month's round of Monday Made It.

First up, my number one, go to gift.
This was my Mothers' Day gift for my sweet momma.  I give these out like candy.  Christmas, weddings, house warnings, you name it.  When I asked my mom if she had any ideas for Mothers' Day she told me she wanted one of those dishes I'd given out to everybody and their best friend.  Oops.  Left my mom out of the loop.

I resolved that little oversight on Sunday.  I used my Silhouette and etching cream to do this.  It's easy but looks super fancy.

I made this print for my sister.  I framed it and gave it to her for Mother's Day also.

I used my Silhouette {again} to make these super cute tags for my own kids' teachers during teachers' appreciation week.
I did NOT make the cookies.  I know where my talents end.

And for the classroom, I am coasting into summer.  I am relying on all you other hard working people to sell your end of the year stuff on TPT, so we have something fun to do.  I did make these super cute chalkboard tags though:
I am obsessed with all things chalkboard right now.  There will be more chalkboard.  Believe it.  Funny that everyone was desperate to get rid of their chalkboards and now we want to decorate with it.

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