Test Anxiety

My poor kiddos were full of anxiety today.  Tomorrow starts day 1 of THE BIG TEST.  They're ready for it, I'm ready for it, so what to do with a room full of nerves?

Spend time focusing on the fact that they DO know what to do.

I had them buddy read and complete a practice passage.  (I think they would have killed me if I made them do one more "for real.")  While answering the questions, they had to discuss the strategies they used.

After completing the passage, they worked on this at their desks:

It was a good way to spend a chunk of our day.  It distracted my little balls of nerves and helped them focus on the test taking strategies that {unfortunately} my little 8 and 9 year olds have to be so savvy about.

Here are some wise words to live by during this high stakes testing time:
                                                                         Source: behance.net via Damaris on Pinterest

Hope all my Texas friends have an event free STAAR day tomorrow!


  1. Best of luck, you and your kids are going into this week feeling confident for a reason: they're WELL-PREPARED because of all that you do! Hope the testing flies by for you all. And stop by my blog if you haven't already to enter my giveaways now thru Friday!
    Antonia @ forkin4th

  2. Good luck! I'm stealing this idea for next year ;) We were all antsy today & I couldn't get anything out of them, but this will do just fine :) We start tomorrow too!

  3. Good luck with testing! We have about 3 more weeks before starting up, but the kids are already getting nervous.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  4. Our testing isn't until May 6th this year, thank goodness! I'm teaching only history so I have been stress free. That's really not fair is it? I feel sorry for the reading and math teachers-their subjects are tested!!

    Hope your kiddos will be ok!! :)

    I Run Read Teach