Five on the Fifth

It's time for Five on the Fifth-my favorite time of the month.  I had a tough time choosing just five this month.  I should have made this Ten on the Tenth instead.  Y'all rocked this month.

If you're new around here, these posts show off the heart of teaching blogs-the sharing of really great ideas.  Five on the Fifth even has its very own Pinterest board.  You can follow it here.

So obsessed with this first idea.  Sabra over at Teaching with a Touch of Twang shared a ridiculous (in its amount and fabulousness) list of Monday Made Its.  Sitting in there is a little vocabulary pot of gold. She calls it Tricabulary.  I call it genius.  You call it what you want, but you need to go read about it.

Context clues.  Sigh.  We did a STAAR test prep passage the other day.  One of my kiddos (after missing a context clue question) said, "But I didn't know what that word meant."  I know, buddy.  Belinda at I Love 2 Teach shared a fun way to teach context clues.  This will actually work because the words are made up.  No already knowing what they mean!  Fun book + context clues + art project = winning.

I'm deep in the heart of biographies now (more on that this weekend.)  I loved this post from Amy at Eclectic Educating called Disney Lied to Us.  Using Disney movies to teach biographies?  Instant engagement.

Christi at Mrs. Fultz's Corner had an advice linky.  Which I did not join.  Because what she wrote was so awesome, I couldn't come up with any advice for teachers that would be better than that.  Dang it.

And last, but certainly not least, I leave you with a post that reminds us of why we do this crazy, overwhelming, sometimes thankless job.  It's not for the fame and glory, that's for sure.  Stacy of Funky Fresh Firsties shared a straight to the heart reminder of why we got into this business in the first place.

Well, that's it for this month!  Can't wait to start collecting more of your great ideas!