All You Need is Love Photo Challenge: They Beg to Practice Vocabulary

I survived Valentine's day!  I'm looking forward to 42 kids on the back half of sugar high tomorrow. Yeehaw!

Here’s what I'm in love with right now:

Oooooh.  MimioVote.  I love you so.

I'll be honest with you.  This has been in my room for awhile.  I just haven't had the time to fool with it.  But a few weeks ago, I finally opened her up.  My life has changed.  Why?

1.  The kids LOVE them.  Instant engagement.

2.  Better than a worksheet because I can respond to how much practice they need.  Get it quickly? Move on.  Otherwise, I can practice as long as I need until their scores look good.

3.  They will practice ANY boring skill and beg to practice that boring skill.  Every.  Single.  Day.

4.  Super easy, on the run use.  You can plan ahead, but there are tons of no prep, no planning ways to use this.  So far we've used it with:
•Plural nouns-I just called out a singular noun and they chose add -s, add -es, or irregular
•Vocabulary-I've had them vote for the correct word by giving them the definition, an antonym, and using it in a sentence.
•Homophones-I put the set of homophones on the board and just call out sentences so they can choose the correct spelling.

Here are a couple more shots:

Once I hit the button for their voting to end, the kids see a graph of their responses.  100%?  Point for the class on Class Dojo.  This keeps any little friends from thinking it's funny to purposefully vote incorrectly.

Not that anyone would ever do that.  ;)