Election Time!

My kiddos are taking their district math benchmark Monday and reading benchmark Tuesday.  They're going to be pretty brain dead after that.  I also won't have that much time left with them.  I'm thinking Tuesday we'll do some election stations.  I'm thinking three stations, 20 minutes or so each.  Fun and educational, right?  We've been learning about the election in Social Studies, and this will be a great way to wrap it up.

1.  Independent read or buddy read election themed books like:
Arthur Meets the President
Duck for President
My Teacher for President
President Citizen
Grace for President
What Presidents are Made of
So You Want to Be President?

2.  Word Work
Make as many words as possible from Presidental Election and Voter Registration.

Click on image to download.

3.  Voter Registration Form and Card
Students will complete the following and then go online to "vote".  My district has its own online voting site, but you can use Scholastic's.

Click on the images to download.


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    1. Go into your dashboard, template, customize, add css. Paste in this code:

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    2. That did it! Thanks! I am so proud of this little design I did haha I even bought winter elements so I can have a different design for the seasons :)

  2. Adorable!! Love that patriotic clip art set. :) Thanks for sharing the link!
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  3. Fantastic Megan! and WooHoo nearly 500 followers! I love reading your blog and your products are always top notch, well done!
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