Visiting Jamestown {Virtually}

We had so much fun today visiting this website:

If you study Jamestown, this site is wonderful!! It takes the kids through establishing a colony.  They have to make decisions based on what they've learned.  At the end, it gives an evaluation of the decisions.  I let them do it independently using our laptop cart.  A lot of them were shocked when their colonists died because they didn't plant enough food.  Their faces were hysterical.  I let them go through the steps to establish their colony a few times, so they could see which decisions worked best and what the consequences of those decisions were.

It was such a wonderful educational lesson because after our time was up, they couldn't stop talking about what decisions they had made and what the effects of those decisions were.  I love when they can't quit talking about school stuff.  It was a good teacher moment.  Plus I got some papers graded.  It was a win win.

And the ultimate bonus: I had a walk through evaluation in the middle of doing this in my morning class.  The kids were engaged, I was using technology, and everyone was behaving.  The stars were aligned!

Hope you had a great Friday, too!


  1. Dumb question, but on the dominoes what are they matching? er with er, ir with ir, ar with ar? Thanks!

  2. They're matching sounds-ar to ar, or to or, and any of the er sounds er/ir/ur.  It's crazy how much they love these dominoes games!

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  3. Is that not the best feeling EVER. My principal came in yesterday when we were having some earned "Fun Friday" time and kids were purchasing items from the treasure chest with their Class Dojo points. I don't think she cared, but I'd rather she come when we're rocking it during a lesson!

    We do Jamestown in the spring, and I love that site!

  4. Awesome freebie! Thanks SO much! Can't wait to use this :)

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper