Comprehension Toolkit: Listening to Your Inner Conversation

So we made a return to the Comprehension Toolkit this week. I wrote about my first lesson on listening to your inner voice here. We came back to that idea this week with the nonfiction book, Monarch Butterflies, by Gail Gibbons. Love her. Sigh.

Anyway. It was one of THOSE mornings. I had made this sheet in advance (I need grades people). I went to copy it before school started and the copy machine was not in a cooperative mood. Normally, we get along, but not that particular morning.
**Random note-In real life, it didn't have this cute background.  But why does everything look better with graphics?  I always find this to be true on TPT and TN.  Why am I so easily swayed by cute clip art and frames?  Anyway, you can download my Halloween kit here.

So, I ran back to my room in despair twelve seconds before the kids showed up and improvised. I folded pieces of construction paper into sixths. Then I copied and pasted three off the bottom part of my sheet into a blank document and printed it out on our printer.

**Sorry to our school tech diva who will probably read this and grind her teeth. I was desperate!!!

And you know what? I'm so glad I did. Because they were required to record six snippets of their inner conversation but about 90% (no kidding!!!) recorded way more than that. If I had been stuck with my original sheet, that would have never happened.

After we finished the book, they used their recording sheet to discuss the book in a small group. Y'all, I had to cut them off after awhile. It was a beautiful thing.  Then they had to fill out the reflection part and glue it onto their sheet of construction paper.

I wish I had snagged some pictures of the kids work before I sent it home!!! I was on a grading tear (this was done the day before the end of our grading period) so I managed an unheard of same day turn around. After I sent them home, I was screaming why? why? why? This happened silently in my head though. It would have been really weird out loud.

Here's a picture of mine that I recorded to model as I read:

It was a great lesson!  This week we're moving onto "Notice When You Lose Your Way".  I'll let you know how it goes.