Monday Made It

I think everyone that's visited my blog at least once has caught on to the fact that I'm just slightly Type A.  This week's Monday Made only proves it even more.  Oh well, I celebrate it.

On with the Monday Made Its!

First, I found this on Pinterest:

Awesome, right?
I loved it.  I loved it a lot.  Unfortunately, it meant I had to remake the VOICES board I downloaded from Kristen at Ladybug's Teach Files that I'd already remade.  Twice.  Anyway, it wasn't too much trouble, and I think it turned out nicely.  See:

Now for a close up:

Normally, I'd put it on here to share, but since it's almost a complete copycat of Kristen's work, I don't want to step on her bloggy toes since she's so sweet to share her good ideas and hard work!

Then it was time to address my magnet situation.  I needed numbered magnets for my jobs chart and my bathroom chart.  I actually had magnets that matched perfectly for my restroom but some had gone missing over the years.  Here's a refresher on those two charts:

And here are my magnets!  They turned out soooooo super cute.
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A word of caution-I originally saw this on Pinterest.  The pin said you could use those vase filler thingies.  Not a good idea if you have even a slight twinge of perfectionism in your blood.  They're not clear, and they're not round.  Just go ahead, get online, and order glass cabochons.  I ordered mine from Sun and Moon Craft Kits.  They're 20 ¢ each or $3.25 for a pack of 20.  It's worth it.  Moving on. Here's what you need for the project:
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Magnets, clear drying craft glue, cabochons, magnets, a 3/4 inch circle punch (pay the $3.99, it'll save your hand), and the paper.

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Punch out your circles.

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Glue your circles onto the cabochons.  I love saying that word.  Just a dab of glue will do ya.

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Glue you cabochons onto the magnets and voila!

I tried 3 times to get a picture without my foot in it but was unsuccessful.  

I love these magnets!!

And now, here's a real life action shot:

You could also do something easier that I saw on Miss R's blog AFTER I made my magnets.  She made cute magnets with bottle caps she bought at Hobby Lobby.  I was reading a post on her blog and a linked within box with these thingies was below it.  It's like the magnet gods were taunting me.

Raise your hand if this sounds easier.  Yep, me too.

Finally, I was inspired by this picture from the Silhouette Blog:

I loved loved loved it!  So I whipped out my Silhouette and got busy.

AND! Check back tomorrow because something very special happened today.  I reached 400 followers!! Which means:

I'm so excited!!!  Now, go on over to Fourth Grade Frolics and see what Tara and all the other teachers in blogland are up to!