Classroom Jobs. Finally.

Confession time-I almost had a linky party out of sheer laziness.  I figured that would be a bad start for my first time though.  I knew I needed to jazz up my classroom jobs this year.  Um, because I didn't have any.  That's right, I've been teaching for 13 years now.  I've always had a teacher's pet to be my minion, but that just wasn't cutting it.  I knew I needed more.  But what?  That's when I thought I would have the classroom jobs come to me via a linky party, but I finally got off my behind and started digging around.

And guess what?  I found Mel D. at Seusstastic Classroom Inspiration's classroom linky party from last summer.  She had an AWESOME jobs post.  I dug through some more blogs that were linked up and came up with what I think is the perfect for my my classroom list.  I had it printed on 11X17 card stock at Office Max.

See for yourself:
**You can download it at the end of this post.**

Here's a quick break down of each job:
I think you can figure this out

●Line Leader
This one too

●Homework checker
Put assignments in numerical order, check with missing kiddos

Turn off lights, projector, etc.

Check book baskets, organize

●Lunch Patrol
Bring lunch basket, card holder to cafeteria

●Teacher's Assistant
Various whatevers

●Inventory Control
Okay, you know how the kids are always telling you that we need more XYZ, or we're low on blah blah blah.  And then you forget?  I'm going to have a list.  Kids will tell inventory control, who will take care of recording it and/or resupplying necessary items.

●Geek Squad
Turn on/off computers.  Heehee.  Like Best Buy.

Post on our classroom blog

●Recycling Manager
Dump out recycling bin

Fill in when students are absent

I'm going to make a description sheet for each job.  I'll share it when I do.  I also have a table leader at each table in charge of getting supplies for the table, collecting papers, etc.  That rotates weekly separately from our classroom jobs.

I have two sections, so one side will be my morning section, the other my afternoon section.  I'll put numbered magnets next to each job.  Everyone who does not have a job will be on vacation for the week.  I'll just slide the magnets down one slot on Mondays and voila!

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