Prove It!

So, I've been on a reading roll over here at I Teach. What's Your Super Power?  I've posted about themesummarizing, and now character traits.  So here's a conversation that has happened more than once in my teaching career:

Me: Who can tell me a character trait that describes Sally?
Student: Short
Me: No, that's on the outside.  Character traits are on the inside.
Student: Nice
Me: Okay, why do you say nice?
Student: Because she loves her mom.


It can get better!  If you replace "Okay, why do you say nice" with "Prove it!", your students will instantly change.  Watch.

Me: Prove it.
Student: Because she loves her mom.
Me: How do you know she loves her mom? Prove it.
Student: Because her mom hugs her at night.
Me: Why does that mean she loves her mom? Maybe she hates those hugs at night and just doesn't want to be rude.
Student: Well, instead of using her money to buy the toy she'd been saving for, she buys her mom a special gift.


Here are a couple of activities I use in small group.  The first is from when I taught second grade.  The second is from when I taught fourth grade.  This year in third, we'll start with the simpler version and ease into the more in depth version.  You can click on the picture to download.

And there you have it people.  We work on proving it all year long.  The kids get it.  I can hear them in book clubs saying, "Yea, but that doesn't prove it."  It just warms my little teacher heart to over hear that!

Then I had myself a good old time looking up character traits on Pinterest.  A real good time.  Such a good time in fact, that I wound up with a whole new Pinterest board.  Here are a few peeks:

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

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Do you have any good character trait tips for me?


  1. We were just planning character traits yesterday! I love your finds! Thanks a bunch!

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  2. I loved teaching Character Traits in Third Grade. I had a lower group that struggled with it all year on assessments. At the end we spent a week broken into 4 groups, as I had 3 additional reading tutors in my room at this time. Each group read a book. They had to draw the main character and then write words to describe the character. They then had to share their large poster they created and had to prove each word they wrote. It was a hit and a success. There are many books on character traits, I just googled Character Trait books and it came up with a huge list! I love the word PROVE IT! It is going to be my new focus this year in first grade, especially for words. :)