Made It Monday and Whew!

I don't know about you, but I am loving these Made it Monday linky parties. A big thank you to Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for starting this!  I've been so much more productive this summer. What can I say, I do well with a deadline.

I'm shocked I've gotten anything done this week. We went to San Antonio Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for a tag along trip. My husband worked, we relaxed. Then we left Friday to visit my husband's family in Dallas. We left the kids behind Sunday (not on accident) and zoomed home just in time for a date night! Now (once I finish this post) I'm off to Baton Rouge for a quickie trip to see some of my favorite girls. Can you see why the fact that I have anything to link up for Made it Monday is a miracle?

First up, what I've gotten done for school.

Everybody and their grandma has been making these shared journals, and I wanted in on the action. So, of course, I had to make my own. I planned on making 4. It turned into 10 once I got rolling. I printed them on sticker paper, cut them out, and voila. Shared journals. You can download my covers here for free!

I've linked these babies up to Manic Monday.

I posted earlier about this cutie. Here's a staged action photo complete with green post it notes to go with it. You can read about it here and download this poster for yourself.

Next up, my house!

So what does this get you? 1x2 flashing, 12x24 inch canvases, Gorilla glue, fabric and a glue gun?

These beauties!

Lovely magnet boards with pockets for a make over I'm planning. While the girls are at Camp Grammie's this week, I'm planning to get some beeswax taken care of.

Also, apparently I made an awesome kid, too. Observe:

She's 10. She did all of her laundry and her sister's. On her own. For real. Wash, dry, sort, fold. Now, however, as I'm posting this I'm worried that it's a reflection on my parenting. Maybe one day she'll write a memoir and be like, "My mom was a total slacker and never kept up with our laundry. So out of desperation, I started washing my little sister's laundry and mine too just to be sure I had clean clothes to wear. It was a tragic childhood."
Seriously, they've never had to wear dirty clothes. But maybe it did get close once or twice.

That's all I've got! I can't wait to start hopping around this linky party. A word of caution, this linky party is a black hole. Once you go in, you'll blink, and be all, "Where did those three hours go?" You've been warned.

Have fun,