Oooh! My First Post Ever

Hello, world.

Chirp, chirp.

Really, hello crickets of blogland!  Welcome to the first post of "I Teach.  What's Your Super Power?"  Teaching truly is a super power.  The list of tasks we must complete and issues we must deal with daily in enormous.  When someone is able to do the impossible (on a daily basis, no less), they must be a super hero!

Why Blog?
I think the blogging community that has developed among teachers across the country to support each other is incredible.  This blog is my effort to throw in my two cents and be a  part of the educational blogland that has enhanced my own teaching so much.  I'm so excited to be a part of it even in the tiniest way.

Um, Why Start a Blog at the End of the School Year?
Um, because it took me forever to cobble the idea of this together and get the courage to start it.  Plus, I figure I can get better at it over the summer.  **Side note, I consistently overplan what I can get done in the summer.

What ever happens here, Welcome!  I'm glad you stopped by.