Classroom Websites in a Snap!

Oh the class website.  Sigh.

You’re required to have one, but let’s be honest.  Do many parents ever check it?  My last few years in the classroom, I had a Blogger site for one reason and one reason only.

Follow by email.

Feel like nobody checks your classroom website? Use Blogger and the magical Follow by Email gadget to stay in contact with parents.

Y’all, parents are not going to check to see if you’ve updated your site.  Maybe a few will, but this parent almost never does.  (Hangs head in shame.)  I check it and it’s not updated, so I check again in six months.  Whoops.

I’ve sent home paper newsletters, sent emails, had sites on school pages, but this worked the best.  When parents follow by email, they automatically receive an email when you publish a new post.  Parents have it in their email, but they also know they can go check the site if that email gets buried under a million others.

I’m excited to add Classroom Websites in a Snap to A Bird in Hand Designs.  The designs are $40.  You get to choose from 5 different font combinations and 5 different color palettes.  Your design includes a header, signature, sidebar divider, favicon, mobile responsive template (super important), and installation.

Interested in learning more? Hop on over to A Bird in Hand Designs to read all about it!

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  1. I absolutely am so glad I went on IG this morning! We had this on our list of to do's this summer...but have not took the plunge. We want it to be a grade level blog...not sure if that would work? My email is Let me know if you think this could work for more than one teacher...LOVE this!!!!

    Renee at the Science School Yard